The Only Link

The Only Link is a tool that allows you to place links of all your social profiles in one place, on one platform, and collect and analyze statistical data on the transitions to these links and other parameters.




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The Only Link


The Only Link is a tool that allows you to place links of all your social profiles in one place, on one platform, and collect and analyze statistical data on the transitions to these links and other parameters.

The Only Link, on the one hand, allows you to collect all relevant digital information from a single link and create your digital profile. On the other hand – provides the ability to manage traffic when clicking on a link depending on a number of parameters.

Whether your users had arrived, from a PC or a mobile device, from their own or paid media sources, –  The Only Link makes it easy to direct the user to the right point!


The New Line Technologies team faced a challenge in developing a tool that will be useful for bloggers, media persons, digital agencies, as well as business owners in different areas.

App has to solve the following challenges:

  • Create a smart link to host any online sources;
  • Simplify the advertising process;
  • Create a single hyperlink with a smart redirection that can identify the user by various parameters (device, location, operating system, etc.);
  • Provide the best user experience regardless of what online source led to conversion;
  • Collect and visualize statistics.

The main technical challenge was the functionality of traffic management.


The Only Link is a media space that does not limit you and your users, it allows you to link all online sources on the same site, and observe and analyze traffic and attributions.


  • it`s possible to track and manage traffic depending on such parameters: the date and time of the click, the source of traffic, and others
  • identification of the device system, location, mobile application, browser type, operating system, etc.
  • customize the script by a unique link in your personal account
  • visualized click statistics
  • the smart approach for advertising campaigns
  • the Only Link contains routing rules that use links to open an application and redirect users to the right application store
  • the application helps to involve users by providing links that work in all media marketing channels
  • the service allows you to create QR codes for situational events, and print or media advertising, as well as monitor the effectiveness of their distribution for example
  • redirects users to any online resource: social networking, website, online store, download and browse window

The Only Link application is not just an interactive hyperlink for your audience, it is the basis for creating various customizable links, each of which will have a function and work on an individual script.

If you are a public person or blogger, you can store all your social profiles on the same site and configure multiple advertising integrations with partners and advertisers, tracking the results of each individually. Pre-configure your media schedule, run it on multiple platforms at the same time. It’s simple and convenient.

With The Only Link, you will always have statistics for planning your next promotional campaigns, you will be able to guarantee the result by having “in your hands” detailed analysis of your audience. This will automate many processes, as well as bring discussion with advertisers to a higher quality level!

Do you have a software product and want to send people to download web/desktop/mobile apps correctly and quickly?

Create a profile in The Only Link, get a unique link, and configure redirection to the right app store depending on which device the user clicked the link from. If the click was made from iOS devices, into the Apple Store then, if from Android, in Google Play. A smart hyperlink device detects the operating system by itself.

If you have your own business or brand, then The Only Link will help to place all sources of information about you and your products in one place. Connect to The Only Link profile links to social networks, website, online store, promotions, catalog products, and download apps. Track traffic, plan ads, and improve performance!

Use QR codes to motivate users to get to know your products or to install the app. Encourage users to scan the QR code when they interact with your offline brand. The QR code can be placed in a desktop version of the site and TV to direct users to the app or to the site via a link in The Only Link. This is much more convenient and modern than typing URLs. The service will track people’s responses to your promotional materials and determine the most effective method of campaigning.

Whatever experience and user path you are trying to create, The Only Link technology will be useful to you!


Users interact with your brand through many different points of contact online. With The Only Link, you can create your own marketing space, manage it, and measure its performance across all the basic parameters: visitor statistics, traffic source, browser type, and more.

The Only Link platform allows you to customize your digital profile, make working with online resources more flexible and coordinated.

Despite the highly competitive market, The Only Link differs significantly from similar services in that customizable parameters, you additionally get the ability to flexibly manage traffic depending on a large number of customizable parameters.

The Only Link provides the best user experience and optimal user path from click to target action.

The New Line Technologies team has achieved its goals but continues to test and improve the product.

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