Mobile keyboard

The “Mobile keyboard” application is designed for convenient use by the company’s clients when it is necessary to remotely control protected objects. It provides additional capabilities for managing object of protection  and their remote management.




1 developer

Dev Period

6 month

Mobile keyboard

About the company “Security and Safety”

The company “Security and Safety” provides a wide range of security services for various types of residential and non-residential real estate.


  • update an inconvenient, outdated interface;
  • get rid of bugs in the application that slow down and complicate its use;
  • adapt the design for devices with small screen resolutions.


  • Visual redesign of the application;
  • Improved efficiency  during completing tasks in the application, which ultimately improves user satisfaction;
  • Fixed bugs and reduced page loading time;
  • A system has been created  that allows  to change the color scheme of the application, depending on the one selected on the device.


In a short time, we redesigned the outdated application, which increased user satisfaction while using it. Timely interface updates increase customer loyalty and keep your business decisions up-to-date.

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Mobile keyboard

The “Mobile keyboard” application is designed for convenient use by the company's clients when it is necessary to...

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