1on1 Ballet Studio

One on One is an application that gives opportunities to enjoy ballet lessons represented as video-trainings and recommendations based on a machine-learning comparison of videos created by a coach and a learner.




5 developeres

Dev Period

3 months

1on1 Ballet Studio


The New Line Technologies team faced the following challenges:

  • Create an assistant-app for online ballet training;
  • Integrate machine learning model into the application;
  • Provide interaction of native models with the Flutter based app;
  • Develop an algorithm of identifying video-image and its representation as a heatmap object created by analysing video-recording from different angles;
  • Optimize the productivity of the application on modern devices;
  • Develop the mechanism of video-training purchases.


  • A digitized educational database has been created;
  • A unique application for conducting remote ballet training has been developed;
  • The interactive system based on machine learning helps analyze and correct learner movements by recording and comparing them with master movements side by side;
  • The integrated machine learning model for calculating accuracy and providing recommendations based on it;
  • Added option to create learning patterns by dividing each exercise into multiple fragments and setting up repetitive playback;
  • Implemented app optimization on iOS and Android devices.


One on One is an absolutely non-trivial product that gives great opportunities to participate in ballet-lessons right from home without the need of attending a studio. The application is an indispensable solution for both teachers and learners who are not able to take classes for certain reasons but want to keep up.

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