Full-Stack Software Development

Web and Mobile applications development are our passion, and we have a tremendous and unique experience. We create beautiful and functional web and mobile solutions using our key technologies: .NET, Java, Node.js, React, Angular, Swift, Objective C, Kotlin and Dart/Flutter. So whether it is a small website, service or application – we will build it for you in no time!

  • Web

    We build web apps and solutions for a variety of business domains including Real-Time Multimedia, Fintech, e-Leaning, Insurance, Healthcare, Blockchain and Big Data.

  • Hybrid

    We develop cross-platform apps that run on both iOS and Android from a single code base. Hybrid development reduces the time and cost associated with developing apps on both platforms, and we’re a real fans of Xamarin Flutter and Cordoba base

  • iOS

    Qualified iOS team specialists can solve complex problems using such tools as Objective-C, Swift, and others. We have a unique experience with different wireless solutions.

  • Аndroid

    We use the latest technologies and tools to build mobile applications that run smoothly on Android-powered devices. All our apps are functional, impeccable and natural to use.

  • DevOps

    Our DevOps team is using up-to-date tools and offers server setup and automation for all our projects. They provide stable and predictable processes of continuous delivery

Project Rescue

If you have a problem with your project or get stuck and can’t figure out why your application is so slow or constantly crashing, we’ll do a technical audit and fix your application in no time. Due to 10+ years in software development, we can and love to rescue projects and bring new life to products.

  • Audit

    Have technical issues with an existing project? We provide code audit and refactoring services and offer a full analysis of the source code, inspecting for bugs and vulnerabilities. We will make your product better and up-to-date.

  • Technology Migration

    If you need to scale your application, we can help you with that. Due to 10+ years of building fault-tolerant applications, we’ll review your product, put all findings on the table and make an estimate.

  • Further Development

    If your product needs some enhancements, or you want its functionality to go beyond the standards of a platform, or qualified support, our Further Development service suites the best.

  • Support

    We provide our customers with highly qualified full support on every stage of a project development and post product release services as well. Our team of professionals also stands ready to provide support services for side projects. We do our utmost for the client’s satisfaction.

  • Project management

    If you are looking for a highly qualified team to manage your project, New Line Technologies stands ready to offer its best professionals with long-term operational experience. We will bring to life your ideas considering every single detail and your wishes.

Dedicated Team

If you are looking for software development from scratch or want to expand your existing team, you need outstanding experts. Being skilled in software engineering, we will be proud to assist you in the transparent accountability within our teams. Let’s work and enable a quick response time to any development or process modifications

  • Team Extension

    If you are meeting a problem your in-house team needs assistance to solve, or you need resources to handle the workload, take advantage of our team extension service.

  • Dedicated Team

    Get access to skilled tech talents with no hassle. We resolve the concerns of the qualified engineering resources by equipping you with a dedicated, professional team.

  • Hybrid Team

    The hybrid model gives you a reasonable resource allocation to drive maximum business value. New Line Tech developers work both in your offices and in our development centers.

UI/UX Design

The exceptional software solutions are created on the intersection of great design and the right technologies and tools. That’s why we have a passionate UI/UX team that on the same page with our engineers and design nature user interfaces

  • Conception

    From the very beginning, our UI/UX wranglers will review your product/idea and problems that you’re going to solve. And only after getting on the same page with you, they will start performing the design.misunderstandings.

  • UI/UX Design

    We believe in design that lovely to use and delivers all functionality in several clicks. Our design team follows modern design trends, create unique and hand-drawn graphics, and innovate your product with a delightful design

  • Branding

    Branding makes your company, product or service shaping in consumers’ minds. From the logo, key colors, typefaces, style of illustrations, and graphical elements we draw a Brand Image that helps to be well-recognized.

Quality Assurance & Support

We regularly control and evaluate multiple aspects of our work to make sure our processes run smoothly, our products are well-perform, and our results come out accurately how our clients required

  • Specifying Requirements

    Defining specifications is essential to winning outcomes. We create documentation that describes the scope of work precisely and accurately to prevent misunderstandings.

  • Testing

    Our software testing service is an essential part of the software development lifecycle. We perform multiple types of testing to identify errors and to validate that the functionality meets specified requirements

  • Support

    We create modern software products that empower businesses. But we’re living in a rapidly world and changes are necessary. We provide support services that help to be up-to-date.

  • Code Audit & Refactoring

    Have technical issues with an existing project? We provide code audit and refactoring services and offer a full analysis of the source code, inspecting for bugs and vulnerabilities. We will make your product better and up-to-date.


Usually we get back in one business day