Professional Suite of Multimedia Apps

About: The team of New Line Technologies has developed a set of full cycle video recording iOS applications. The set is used for video capture, editing, streaming, and exchange. With Multimedia Apps anyone will be able to create video clips editing them immediately or later, if necessary, and streaming to all the existing video streaming platforms.




15 developers

Dev Period

6+ years (ongoing)

Professional Suite of Multimedia Apps


The team of New Line Technologies has developed a set of full-cycle iOS applications for video recording. Multimedia Apps enables its user to create videos, to edit them instantly or, if necessary, later down the line, to broadcast them to all of the existing video streaming platforms.

Its key benefit is the possibility to involve in the process of video making up to four recording devices at a time, including audio recording devices. Now professional video recording requires neither special skills and competencies nor large financial investments.

What makes The New Line Technologies product remarkably different from similar propositions is its perfect synchronization between all the recording devices.


  • Simultaneous connection of up to four video recording and up to twelve audio recording devices;
  • A possibility to stop and start recording simultaneously by pressing a single button;
  • Live streaming to all the existing video streaming platforms;
  • Live paired devices management through the main control unit;
  • Live sound and image editing while recording and broadcasting;
  • Full control of iOS recording devices;
  • Intuitive interface.


This set of products is expected to match the latest tendencies and trends in the domain of video and audio production. In the process of recording a video Multimedia Apps set flawlessly synchronizes all the connected devices effectively preventing sound reverberation.

The response of the related devices is incredibly simultaneous.
The team was also challenged to achieve the highest speed of data transmission and yet to minimize channel and processor load.

In addition, the Multimedia Apps set allows to use IOS devices connected to gadgets on other platforms.

Strong points and peculiar features:

  • imperceptibly quick system response and impeccably smooth interaction between the devices;
  • synchronization of iOS devices with SLR, IP, and other external digital units;
  • rapid transmission of data with synchronization marks;
  • impossibility to apply existing standard software to ensure the correct operation of the system.



The New Line Technologies team has developed a set of applications that allows to reach ultimate synchronization of the related devices. Our developments and solutions made it possible to get a synchronization-based response within 40 milliseconds. We are proud that such speed can be tracked only by special monitoring tools. The unique synchronization algorithms are patented and protected by copyright.

Our special peer-to-peer data transmission technology, as well as the dynamic work between separate buffers, ensures high traffic intensity between paired devices and their highest possible synchronization. The developers wrote encapsulation protocols for data transmission. The protocols are shared between the devices involved in the process of capturing.

The intuitive interface allows any user, whether it be a newbie or a professional, to get to grips with the device and start recording.

From now on everyone is able to broadcast his own video clips online and edit them on the side, improving the quality of images and pasting the images up in live mode. Besides, the Multimedia Apps set provides audio assistance for mixing recordings.

  • The connection of iOS devices and IP, HDMI/SDI and PTZ cameras, using RTSP, HTTP, ONVIF and other types of protocols;
  • Recording devices management through the main control unit or with the assistance of chat operators;
  • Streaming to platforms through RTSP and RTNP protocols;
  • Recorded video can be stored wherever the user wants to;
  • Reading device status;
  • Live device setting: standard for reflex cameras and more sophisticated for iOS devices;
  • «Image in image» virtual camera;
  • Video recording applying Chromakey and a decorator;
  • Audio mixing using audio assistance;
  • Simultaneous connection to several streaming platforms through a blaster service;
  • Post-production: seamless video pasting, editing, treatment of recorded video layers;
  • Unique data encoding that ensures an optimal transmission between the devices;
  • The option of importing projects to Apple Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro.



Multimedia Apps set is a unique product created through the use of the most unconventional solutions. Multimedia Apps offer you outstanding customization and excellent synchronization of all the connected devices.

Using Multimedia Apps allows you to avoid wasting time and money on professional equipment, finding and training staff. It enables you to broadcast your content any time from anywhere in the world.

In 2016 Multimedia Apps won SXSW Award for the high quality of the product and an equally high professional level of the development team.

Client’s feedback

I have been a loyal customer of NLT for the past 8 years. At times we have had close to 50 of NLT team members working on our projects. We have had incredible success working with the NLT team. Through the good and the challenging times over these past years NLT team members and management have remained consistent in their delivery of excellent solutions and customer service. Highly recommended.


Benjamin Nowak

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