Dedicated Development Team

Dedicated Development Team for Mobile and Web Solutions

    May 19, 2023

    In an ever-changing world of technology, companies from various industries are increasingly turning to mobile and web solutions to meet growing digital needs. To effectively operate in this dynamic environment, New Line Technologies recommends seeking the support of a dedicated team of developers.

    How Fintech is changing the banking industry

    How Fintech is changing the banking sector

      May 10, 2023

      The financial industry is experiencing rapid development due to implementation of innovative technologies. Their goal is to automate and improve the quality of financial services. FinTech helps companies transform and offer in-demand services to customers.

      How to use Blockchain technologies to protect personal data

      Blockchain: Data Protection Solutions

        May 10, 2023

        Personal data is something that we want to protect as much as possible. From time to time, there are reports of personal information databases being hacked. Can this be avoided? We’re going to talk about Blockchain technology – simply about something complex.

        DevOps Engineer - what is it and what do they do

        Who is a DevOps Engineer and What Does a DevOps Engineer Do?

          May 3, 2023

          Who are DevOps engineers? What do they do and how are they different from Agile engineers? Let’s understand the terms and look at the basics of technologies and tools you need to know to become a DevOps developer.

          good and bad habits of an IT professional

          Good and Bad habits of IT specialist

            April 10, 2023

            To work in the IT field, you will need to have not only hard skills but also soft skills. This includes habits that can either contribute to career growth or significantly slow it down due to conflicts that may arise. What do you need to know about useful habits in programming? What should you pay attention to and what should you focus on developing?

            Dictionary for IT specialist

            IT Terms Glossary. What terms do you need to know to understand colleagues on a project?

              April 6, 2023

              There are many specialized terminologies and technical terms in the world of IT may be unclear to newcomers in the IT industry. This can lead to misunderstanding and ineffective communication within the team. In this article, we will look at some key terms that an IT specialist needs to know to understand their colleagues on a project.

              The importance of higher education in the field of IT_ pros and cons.

              The role of higher education in IT. Motivational stories of successful people

                March 28, 2023

                The most interesting question for future IT engineers is if they need a technical education to build a career in IT? There are historical examples where motivation and discipline have done more than in high school. However, are there benefits of Career and Technical Education?

                Digital skills for self-education and development in IT

                Digital Skills for Self-Development & IT Development

                  March 1, 2023

                  How to Start an IT Career? Does an IT specialist need a degree? These questions cannot be answered unambiguously, but there is good news – the specificity of the IT sphere is so diverse that even philologist can find the best option for themselves.

                  Career growth in IT

                  Staff competences. Junior, Middle, Senior – what’s the difference?

                    February 22, 2023

                    There are many approaches to evaluating the competence level of programmers in 2023. Sometimes the developers are not sure how to determine their level or the level of colleagues. Let’s compare the stages of growth and the important qualities and competencies that indicate completion of the next stage of career.

                    QA Manual vs QA Automation

                    QA Engineer: Manual Testing vs Automation Testing – which is better?

                      February 3, 2023

                      IT industry experts suppose that in 2023 and over the next 5-10 years, the demand for QA specialists will increase by 25 percent. It is a popular profession where QA automation together with QA manuals work to produce a high-quality digital product.

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