Create an application: tasks, stages, and deadlines

    July 12, 2022

    Mobile phone apps are booming. Let’s analyze how long it takes to create the application and what steps you need to go through to release the relevant product.

    Bulgarian department. New opportunities for IT professionals

      June 30, 2022

      Interview with Andrey Mazepa (CEO NLT) and Valeria Dmitrieva (Executive Office Coordinator BG NLT)

      What does MVP mean and how to implement it?

        June 23, 2022

        How to recognize if a new product or service will be in demand? Create a test version – MVP, and improve the product based on real feedbacks from the target audience.

        Digitalization in 2022

          June 13, 2022

          Digitalization is not just a trend but an obligatory step for modern “smart” business. Digital technologies rapidly displace analogue one. The telecom can’t be imagined without digitalization; the digit captured the finance, retail, agro and other fields of technologies and already is processing to so important fields like government, medicine, education.

          Interface Design

            June 9, 2022

            We deal with interfaces daily all the time. It is in the social networks, dashboard elements in the car, and TV controller, and voice control of the smart house, and buttons dashboard in the elevator. The area of UX/UI usage are wider than only applications and software. In this article we will answer the most popular questions about UX/UI design, will tell how to begin the studying, and ask Dennys Lynnik – the New Line Technologies designer to share his experience. So, take a seat and add the page to “favorites” to keep all the important insites 😉

            Legalization of cryptocurrency in Ukraine

              April 25, 2022

              While the Bank of China had declared that all cryptocurrencies transactions are illegal, in Ukraine virtual currency has been legalized. Verkhovna Rada has signed law #3637 “About virtual assets”. The law has been supported by 272 parliamentarians.

              PayPal in Ukraine

                April 18, 2022

                For years Ukraine asked PayPal to start working without restrictions. Considering the war in Ukraine and the expedited digital diplomacy of the government, the service opened its doors to Ukrainian users.

                How to earn money with mobile apps?

                  March 24, 2022

                  Mobile iOS and Android apps will always be desired. Many startups bring their young and ambitious owners to huge profits. There are a lot of such stories and many will be. The informational world is developing, new technologies are created, the demands are growing so as propositions.

                  Literature for IT specialists. Recommendations

                    February 22, 2022

                    In New Line Technologies, we made a questionnaire and created a list of literature which is going to help you to improve your skills and learn how to understand and inspire yourself. In this article, you will find recommendations and a few reviews from our team. From self-help literature and computer science to classical works and novels.

                    New Line Technologies’s Office

                      February 17, 2022

                      What does it look like – the habitat place of true innovators and IT gurus?Let’s take a look at the home where the NLT team works, rests, and creates!

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