CornerJob: a simple, interactive and fast way to find a job or employee

Job search is also a job. Often, it takes time before the applicant and the employer find each other. CornerJob startup has come up with a way to speed up this process. David Rodriguez, CEO of CornerJob, and several of his associates launched a website that allows anyone to find a job or an employee. You can be sure there will be a guaranteed answer, the average response time is 48 hours. You simply create your account and communicate directly with those who are interested in you.

That’s what the CEO of CornerJob told us about the principles of the service and the development of the startup itself.

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Load testing

Every modern user knows that the majority of online applications are focused on mass use.

The use of software involves the simultaneous operation of many users, and in such situations there is a need for performance testing under heavy loads (load testing).

Load testing is an imitation of the work of a certain number of users on a shared resource.

The primary goal of this type of software testing is to confirm that the system is able to successfully withstand the loads to which it will be exposed during actual operation.

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Every day we learn from the news reports that some site has been hacked. Gaining access to someone else’s site, hackers cause trouble not only to its owner, but also to its many users. The reasons for breakups are code vulnerabilities and the insufficient level of site protection. How to prevent the negative effects of cyber attacks? The solution is to conduct a timely analysis of your application for vulnerabilities and security issues. But this should be done closely and professionally. The service for analyzing code vulnerabilities is provided by the Portuguese startup

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Badi: an app to list your spare room or find your perfect roommate

Have you ever looked for an apartment in a foreign country? Was it easy for you to rent a normal apartment with good neighbors for a long time? As practice shows, long-term rental housing in Europe is a difficult question, especially if you know little of the city, language and are limited in the budget.

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Smart Cities

Smart cities is the latest development in the field of urban planning. From sensors integrated everywhere, the accumulated data from citizens and devices are processed and analyzed. The information obtained is the key to solving the problems of inefficiency. Therefore, a smart city is more ready to solve problems than a simple operational relationship between a city and its citizens.

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