IT in Health Management

Information technology (IT) in the modern world is universally applied. Health care is no exception. Modern IT developments have a positive impact on the development of new ways of organizing medical care for the population. A large number of countries are actively using new technologies in the health sector. Carrying out of teleconsultations of patients and personnel, exchange of information about patients between different institutions, remote recording of physiological parameters, monitoring of real-time operations – all these possibilities are provided by the introduction of information technology into medicine. This brings health care information to a new level of development, positively affecting all aspects of its activities.

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ASIC Miners Review

In 2018, the excitement over Bitcoin and the crypto currency is growing. And if earlier this was the topic of discussion of some specific categories of people, now people interested in cryptocurrencies are quite far from technology. Interest is growing, and, directly, to the production of crypto-currency, i.e. Mining. Now, so many people are involved in this, that you can not do without special farms for mining based on video cards, or better based on ASIC. In the article, we will talk about the farms on ASIC-controllers.

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The “Where? What? When?” principle of defect summary

In the course of dealing with defects, you often meet the need to pay attention to the requirement of a clearer formulation of the summary defect. And, over time, it repeats again and again. The same situation is observed in interviews with applicants for the position of testing engineer. Many companies pay little attention to this, but in a large project it can be a problem requiring solution.

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