Rapid Application Development Methodology

The choice of application development techniques becomes the No. 1 challenge in the face of rapid market growth. According to research by Gartner, as early as 2015, the world spent 310 billion US dollars on software for enterprises. The development of the Rapid Application Development (RAD) concept was the basis for creating a flexible, adaptive application development system that would be a counterweight to the rigid “waterfall” model.

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10 Cryptocurrencies except Bitcoin

We live not so much in the technical, as in the technogenic age. The reason for this is the invention and development of information and computing technologies, and the worldwide spread of the Internet, which covered almost the whole surface of the planet with an invisible web.

The progress of unprecedented hitherto scale touched practically all, without exception, the means of human activity. Even 8 years ago we did not know that radical changes would occur in the sphere of financial relations. At that time, there were electronic currencies and online resources for their exchange and cashing, but the phenomenon of digital money, born in 2009 thanks to the efforts of the anonym, known by the nickname Satoshi Nakamoto, marked the beginning of the era of this financial revolution.

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Description of the PMBoK methodology

PMBoK Knowledge Areas:

The PMBoK manual describes ten areas of knowledge that a project manager should have. In the standard, each area of ​​knowledge is examined separately, its input and output processes are described. The knowledge domain processes are presented in PMBoK in the form of discrete elements that have clearly defined boundaries. The truth in practice, these processes are iterative – they can interact with each other and overlap. Such overlays and interactions are not described in the project management knowledge base (PMBoK). And so, this standard considers the following areas of knowledge on project management:

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Top-5 devices you’ll want to buy

A modern person has several characteristics: he is constantly connected to the Internet, he is mobile and independent and he is watching his health. He wants to feel equally comfortable both in his house and in other places. For a long time the trend direction is the development of various gadgets and devices, which are designed to organize the maximum mobility of the person and his pleasant surroundings. We bring to your attention five interesting gadgets, which, we are sure, you will immediately want to buy yourself.

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Electric bicycle – another one member in electric traffic family

Electric bicycles with smoothly spinning pedals and deftly avoiding tiring plugs of electromotorcycles have already become familiar details of the landscape of the modern city and a trendy direction in eco-transport. An electric bicycle is a fashionable, modern and convenient means of transportation. Every year their number in the world only grows. Continue reading “Electric bicycle – another one member in electric traffic family” »

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