Axiom offers a wide range of healthcare information technology consulting services and products. The solution developed by the New Line Technologies team allows Axiom clients to monitor whether their employees have undergone a complete health checkup in accordance with their position and takes into consideration the difference in requirements subject to the region.



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Axiom offers a wide range of consulting services and products in the field of healthcare information technologies. The solution developed by the New Line Technologies team allows Axiom clients to monitor whether their employees have undergone a complete health checkup in accordance with their position and takes into consideration the difference in requirements depending on the region.

The software solution is designed to optimize and automate processes within Axiom as a provider service, to interact with clients (companies) and company employees. We have developed three subsystems for AXIOM Systems:

  • UMS – User Management System.
  • CMS – Clinic Management System.
  • OHP – the main system that implements all business logic of the software product.

The ready-made software solution is integrated with internal Microsoft AD, which allows using another access restriction level. Each element of the system has a restriction based on user rights.

The rights are divided into three groups that relate to the respective applications: UMS, CMS, and OHP. The number of different rights reaches 70. Certain Axiom UMS Systems Users can create roles with an arbitrary set of rights from each group.



  • Shift away from the large amount of manual paperwork the Axiom employees had to perform previously.
  • Systematize, set control points in the system to allow AXIOM to reduce the costs of attracting employees.
  • Optimize business processes.


  • A flexible management system of user rights with the ability to create an arbitrary set of rights within one role has been developed.
  • A hospital management system that includes more than 11,000 medical facilities throughout the United States has been created:
    • Storage of clinic-related documents;
    • Customer feedback;
    • Hospital rating;
    • Reminders with different levels of importance;
    • Management of the hospital services.
  • An agile multi-level customer service system has been developed: company, location, division, employee.
    • Different levels of notification of the checkup status for the Top-management of the company;
    • Different requirements for a set of essential procedures subject to the region and position.
  • We have provided interactive communication with employees who undergo medical tests through creating scheduling, automatically changing their status, and sending notifications.
  • Automatic synchronization with Google Maps allows the system to consider the available addresses of the hospitals in order to offer users the best options.
  • Possibility to create a set of services or select individual services.
  • Each hospital can upload documents in different formats and create events.
  • The personal data of medical examinations are encrypted and available only to users with certain access rights.
  • Integration with PipeDrive CRM to synchronize the existing data.


Data arrangement and multiple processes automation allow Axiom to increase customer satisfaction and customer groups, ensuring their operational efficiency.

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