Open Source Native Dash Wallet

Open source native Dash wallet is the core of the app which is a cloud-based digital currency platform. It employs a blockchain technology with the use of cryptocurrency Dash.



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Open Source Native Dash Wallet


Open source native Dash wallet is the core of the app which is a cloud-based digital currency platform. It employs a blockchain technology with the use of cryptocurrency Dash.


The New Line Technologies team faced a key challenge – to create a secure, focused on convenience and ease of use wallet that would be accessible from a mobile device and completely independent of the national banking system.

The app is backed by Dash – cryptocurrency for payments. The wallet operation requires the application to connect with the Dash network. To implement this functionality, the Bitcore wallet service (BWS) is used, which is an intermediate element that facilitates wallet creation and operation through a simple and intuitive REST API.

The client library (SDK) that interacts with BWS is the Bitcore wallet Client service. The library provides methods for safely accessing BWS and creating peer keys. BWS Client SDK is written in JavaScript and is cross-platform.

The app is intended for Android mobile users. For the fastest application work and user-friendly functionality, it was decided to develop BWS Client SDK from scratch in the native language – Java.

Thus, the developers had to transfer the app core facility to the native code and implement the key functionality.


The New Line Technologies team studied the JavaScript version of the BWS client in detail, debugged it, studied the query algorithms and implemented them in Java. For example, requests during the creation of a wallet, check of balances, restoration of a wallet, etc. To complete these tasks, developers used existing libraries and also wrote their own custom code.

Also, this SDK can work both on Android and desktop (server, or anywhere where Java is used).

The client open-sourced this project so that everyone could use it to develop and create their products, as well as improve and develop it further.


Our team developed from scratch SDK for Android in Java language serving as the basis for all the application functionality.

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