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Projects of New Line Technologies in Bulgaria

The company entered the Bulgarian market in 2014. In the summer of 2021, an office was opened in Bulgaria’s second-biggest city – Plovdiv. Today the company employs are more than 150 specialists, of which 9 people—are a team from the Bulgarian department. Read more about our office and colleagues in Bulgaria in our article “Bulgarian department. New opportunities for IT professionals”

Today we want to talk about the projects on which our Plovdiv team has worked and continues to work. Valeria (Executive Office Coordinator BG NLT) and Anton (Front-end Developer NLT) will help us to know more.

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” © Carl Sagan

 By 2022 New Line Technologies is working on 150 projects, 15 of which are long-term. The NLT team works with such industries as:

  • Fintech
  • Saas 
  • Real-time Multimedia
  • Online Education 
  • Blockchain and Big Data 
  • Insurance and Healthcare

Our specialists constantly develop their skills in such popular technologies as Net, Java, Node.js, React, Swift, Objective C, Kotlin, Azure, Angular, Flutter, and others. Among the interesting and competitive projects with innovative solutions that our team worked in Bulgaria, we would like to underline the following ones:

Resource Management System (RMS)

RMS is a task-tracking system. The idea of the project arose from the need to streamline tasks and optimize workflow and company revenues.

Front-end Developer NLT Anton, who was directly involved in developing the product, said more details about the project: “For a long time the company used third-party applications to track working hours, project management, and task sharing. At a certain point, there was a need to scale up and combine the existing functionality, without losing the ability to decide for themselves what new functionality businesses needed. Fast and high-quality development required the selection of advanced technologies to develop RMS. ReactJs for front-end and Java for back-end allowed to implementation of a minimum set of features in a fairly short time. This has enabled us to eliminate third-party applications and start using the new platform while integrating more and more new ideas as flexibly and painlessly as possible.”

Suppose you have a company and a group. You need to understand the workload of each employee, the number of projects each of them is working on, the level of complexity of these tasks, and the time it takes to solve them. RMS allows you to generate and upload reports for each employee in PDF and CSV formats. The data are displayed in a convenient format, as a chart showing the staff member’s current activities, including leave schedules, sick leave, and other details. The system optimizes workflow across the company or individual teams and plans other tasks based on the collected data.

“The application is constantly under development, and new features are added with enviable regularity. Future functionality is limited only by our ideas, and there are a lot of ideas that can be incorporated into this product.” – Anton concluded.

Kuvacash – Making Money Better

Kuvacash is a cloud-based decentralized mobile banking. It was developed by using blockchain technology with the cryptocurrency Dash. The aim of the project is the prevention of a cash deficit during hyperinflation and the collapse of the domestic currency in countries with a low level of confidence in the banking sector. It ensures the local population with a simple, secure, and affordable solution for such operations as storing and exchanging cash.

The New Line Technologies team has got a task to create a safe, easily accessible, and fast monetary system (wallet) that would be completely independent of the Zimbabwean national banking system and, as a result, independent of inflation in the country.

Feedback from our partner on the Kuvacash project: “This was a complex and multifaceted project involving many disparate technologies. As well as the core projects (Web frontend, apps, Backoffice) NLT built up a full CI DevOps and monitoring/logging for this. Generally, we found them to be a dedicated and loyal team, that could deliver what we wanted within the timeframe.” (

Outfit Staffing Platform

Outfit is a next-generation platform for searching and hiring personnel for various events. It provides a fast, simple, secure, and affordable (with minimal commission) method of selecting and hiring the necessary staff with no need to seek help from third-party agencies.

Thanks to Outfit for avoiding the involvement of a third-party intermediary such as an agency, searching and hiring personnel becomes approximately 30% cheaper than hiring with the help of traditional recruitment agencies.

Customer feedback on teamwork for Outfit project: “They’re smart and reliable. I appreciate their openness and willingness to work with us when we’ve had challenges with the product. They’re very collaborative and help us generate ideas to keep us moving forward. It doesn’t feel like they’re an outside contractor.” (

RAF (Réseau Accès Famille)

RAF is an app that helps northeastern Montreal residents keep abreast of events and services. The development will benefit both locals in Montreal who want to stay up to date with the latest news in their area and travelers who plan their vacation or tourism.

With the app, users can:

  • get up-to-date information on events
  • add events they like to “bookmark”
  • share with friends and relatives on social networks and messengers.

It was necessary to quickly familiarize the project, assess the scale of the planned work, and then complete all tasks in a short time, meeting a deadline of 150 hours. New features and enhancements were required. The product was already in production with users and feedback.

The RAF project is a great example of how a team with more than 10 years of experience in development is able to quickly navigate the project, and work on a ready-made application that is already actively used. 

Marketing And Advertising Platform

Marketing and Advertising Platform that helps marketers buy internet advertising space using a programmatic marketing platform, powered by machine learning algorithms. The platform itself has existed for a long time, about 10 years, and the NLT team needed to plunge into an existing, large-scale, digital media project. The customer decided to upgrade to more advanced development technologies, and the initial task for our team was to work with the front end, but later it expanded to back-end development. The New Line Technologies team carried out several tasks:

  • front-end involves the development, optimization, and updating of the interface in various parts of the project
  • work with databases
  • upgrade existing components using a modern technology stack.

Feedback from our partner about the completed work: “The project is progressing well so far. New Line Technologies keeps stakeholders well-informed, offering daily updates. They’re a supportive partner that’s enjoyable to work with.” (

These solutions are complex software products whose development determines modernity. Ideas that simplify work processes, search for and hire specialists, resolve banking dilemmas and help to grow your business successfully.

The New Line Technologies team is here to help you bring your ideas to life! If you need to develop a website or mobile application, please email us at or leave your contact. We’ll get in touch with you!