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Bulgarian department. New opportunities for IT professionals

NLT continues its development in Ukraine and simultaneously expands beyond its borders. More than 150 specialists work in the company today. We try in every possible way to contribute to the disclosure of the potential of IT specialists and have always been focused on creating the most comfortable conditions for team work on projects. For 2022, the NLT team has experience in working on more than 150 projects and is working on more than 15 projects on a long-term basis.

About the department of New Line Technologies in Bulgaria.

“A significant achievement for our entire company is the office of New Line Technologies in Bulgaria. The company entered the Bulgarian market in 2014. In the summer of 2021, we opened our office in the 2nd largest city in Bulgaria – Plovdiv. The team has already begun to form. “- Andrey Mazepa (General Director of New Line Technologies) talks about the branch.

“One of my first memories related to the company and the office was how I went into a completely empty room, which we had to equip for ourselves: I controlled the repair process, my colleagues and I chose furniture and assembled it with our own hands. Not because we could not hire craftsmen, but because we enjoyed such troubles.” – recalls Valeria Dmitrieva (Executive Office Coordinator BG NLT).

In June 2022, the department team moved to a new, larger office.

*office in Plovdiv

“We moved! The team was growing, and the previous office became overpopulated. We need space for insights. The new office is very good. There is enough space, and there are two balconies from which a stunning view of the mountains opens. It helps a lot to get distracted and relax for a couple of minutes during the working day.” – says Valeria with a smile.

*NLT team in new office

In the new office, the team has all the amenities: a dining area with a refrigerator and a coffee machine, a relaxation area with snacks, a terrace with a gorgeous view of the mountains, offices with modern equipment for work.

The office is located in the central area of ​​Plovdiv, a 5-minute walk from the embankment of the Maritsa River. Within walking distance are many restaurants, coffee houses, a pharmacy, fast food, clothing and electronics stores, a post office. In 3 minutes from the office blooming park Ribnitsa. All necessary amenities.

“We have big plans for 2023! We are expanding the composition of the Bulgarian office and are looking forward to visiting colleagues from the Ukrainian office. The first conference is planned, the organizers of which will be only our company. We believe that our professionalism and desire to develop will bring us to the same level and scale as the Ukrainian office of New Line technologies is now.” – Valeria about the prospects for the growth of the team in Bulgaria. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the NLT team temporarily switched to a remote mode of operation. On February 24, 2022, the main office and all employees in Kharkov (Ukraine) were caught by the war. It was decided to relocate and organize a transfer to Bulgaria.

About Plovdiv.

Plovdiv is the oldest city in Europe and the 2nd largest in Bulgaria. Aside from its rich history and breathtaking architecture, this magnificent Bulgarian gem has so much more to offer than you might imagine!

“Plovdiv is a wonderful city. It is cozy, but very culturally developed. A good place for business development.” – comments Valeria.

Plovdiv, the great metropolitan and the second-largest city in Bulgaria, is an important economic, transport, cultural and educational center. At the beginning of the 20th century, Plovdiv grew as an important industrial and commercial center with a well-developed light and food industry.

Plovdiv is located in a fertile region in south-central Bulgaria on two banks of the Maritsa River.

*river Maritsa (Plovdiv, Bulgaria) photo NAIDEN BOCHEV

Its excellent location compares favorably with its proximity to other popular places in the region, such as the Bachkovo Monastery, the Pamporovo ski resort, as well as the resorts of Hisarya, Banya, Krasnovo, and Stretch. Thus, the climate of the city at any time of the year is something that can be singled out as a feature. Such a climate will have a good effect on health, and, as a result, at work.

Comfortable temperature, delicious food, and flavor. Plovdiv hosts a huge variety of cultural events and festivals. In addition, the city offers many museums, arts, galleries, and cultural institutions, as well as musical, theater, and film events – all that a cultural center can boast.

Benefits of working in Plovdiv.

Plovdiv IT professionals have the opportunity to build a career and develop their expertise as part of a team without leaving their hometown. New Line Technologies companies with 14 years of experience in development is a good opportunity for both an experienced specialist and a student who is just starting his career.

The company also works on a relocation system. All employees after completing an internship or probationary period, if desired, can leave to work in the company’s office in Bulgaria. This is a great opportunity to change the environment, see the world, and live in a new place, without losing touch with the team.

“We have colleagues who are native Bulgarians, there are those who work with Bulgarian documents, but it so happened that they come from Ukraine.” – specifies Valeria.

Everyone in the branch team knows Bulgarian, Russian, English, and Ukrainian, so none of the team members have any difficulties in communication!

Career prospects in NLT.

“The company is actively developing in the direction of DevOps, Java, Dot Net, JavaScript. We are moving to new technologies. Accordingly, our team is replenished with specialists with the required skills. In addition, we ourselves find people who are interested in mobile development and develop them in the direction of iOS and Android technologies. We have created courses and prepared materials for training young professionals. A kind of internship for talented people who want to try themselves in IT, and those who have long been fond of technology and try to work with them on their own. They take an educational course, receive a scholarship, and after completing the internship, those who wish are transferred to the staff of the company and can fully work on real projects! Develop and gain practical experience. ”- Andrey comments.

Unleashing the potential and individual development of each team member are important aspects of the growth of New Line Technologies!

The company encourages personal and professional growth. An employee has every opportunity to grow from a junior into the Chief Technology Officer! A vivid example of career growth in the company is Sergey Zadrykin (Chief Technology Officer of the mobile development department in New Line Technologies), who joined the team as an iOS developer and after 4 years became a technical director.

Are you interested in participating in the development of innovative products? Are you ready to work in a team of experienced professionals and strive to develop in the field of IT technologies? Go ahead, get acquainted with our available vacancies, leave your contact and we will reach out to arrange an interview!