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Level Up Your Insurance Apps

There is vast potential for insurers that build strong mobile strategies to cater to evolving customer demands. As more employees and customers interact via mobile devices, insurers need to prioritize them as a primary means of accessing information.

According to recent research, there are three key reasons why insurers are turning towards mobile tech:

  • To offer services through the mobile channel
  • To broaden their customer base with clients who demand self-service options
  • To boost satisfaction among agents and policyholders with modern customer service tools

New Lines Technologies recommendations on action steps for your company:

  • Understand target customers: Segment customers based on trends and usage patterns and develop customer personas for priority target segments.
  • Focus on customer experience: Identify customer behavior, retention and loyalty factors.
  • Understand features: Determine those that will support the functionality necessary to deliver a strong user experience; target the features for a specific mobile phone and/or tablet.
  • Identify technology pain points: Assess the current state environment to determine which changes are necessary in order to interface legacy systems with mobile applications.
  • Bridge the gaps: Identify initiatives necessary to bridge the gap between current and desired future state capabilities.
  • Continuous mobile improvement: Make optimizing the mobile strategy an ongoing process throughout the organization.

It’s important to consider how customers are using their mobile devices, and which features are used most on a regular basis. By measuring most downloaded apps and time spent on each one, insurers can better determine how to attract customers to use their mobile offerings.

The problem is not that insurers are avoiding mobile technology. In fact, carriers have begun to offer a variety of mobile tools for their agents, brokers, and consumers. Despite their efforts, however, usage of those tools has been sluggish.

As insurance businesses reshape their mobile strategies to lure a loyal user base, New Lines Technologies recommends that insurers develop a better understanding of their target audience and which features will contribute to a strong user experience. This will allow to provide customers in other aspects of their daily life outside traditional offerings. By providing a tool that can be used on a regular basis, carriers can secure customer interaction on a regular basis — not just when a claim is submitted.

For instance insurance apps that think outside the box to help users manage their photos, stay safe on the road, and maintain a kid-friendly home environment.

At New Lines Technologies we think big and shoot high. Try to change standard and conservative approach to maintain long-term relations and advance together with our customers