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Market Your Mobile App Right

Mobile applications engage your users wherever they are and whatever they do by means of notifications, messaging and even wearable devices.

Digital media continues to gain its influence making mobile app marketing a competitive sphere we need to make clear to forecast what drives our potential users to all download decisions.

  1. How do people find apps they want to install?

This is not any secret information that over 50% of app is downloaded from App Store or Google Play – and other sources couldn’t come even close to these. 

Next in app marketing come social media app or sites. One out of five surveyed respondents come across install ads on those platforms.

Outside app stores and social media, other sources include web search, mobile ads, and messaging apps, among others.

  1. Why Do People Install Apps?

37% answered they do it to solve specific tasks. Older adults (44-56) install based on search results, teens 14-18 fall under the influence of ads and Millanials 25-35 are mostly task oriented.

Just one step behind is still power of personal recommendation as almost one third said they do it based on friend’s recommendations.

  1. What influences users’ decisions?
  • the power of description
  • the power of recommendation
  • the power of videos
  • the power of screenshots
  1. Good rating

In the App Store, 66% of all ratings are 5 stars, and almost 85% are 4 or 5 stars;

On Google app market, 66% of all ratings are 5 stars, and 84% are either 4 or 5 stars.

The average rating for top-ranked iOS applications is 3.82 and the average rating for top-ranked Android applications is 4.15.

  1. If you follow simple rules, you will increase your chances in the run for leadership in the mobile app market. Despite the fact that these tips are quite obvious, they are often unfairly ignored.

The easiest ways to stand out in app stores, according to the mobile app market research, is to create an application that is unique.

Sure, that is sensible. It means you are either:
-The first and only one developer in the following category of product.
-Or you have to reinvent the existing category with anything unique.

  1. Focus your attention on a unique characteristic of your product.

Re-image, advance interface, add cool features that are missing and give your product a new fresh spin in comparison to average many of-the-kind apps. Be bald enough to mix categories!

  1. Getting people to talk about your app is a highly important goal of any marketologist. Sharing information about your app will finally transform into sales.

Start telling everyone about the selling points of your product until you can explain complicated-to-understand parts even to a kid. Learn to promote your product 24/7.

  1. Make information about your app interesting! Would you like to twitt it yourself? Would you share your posts? Are they humorous and attractive? How memorable are your mobile app articles?
  1. Start blogging!

Social media and the blogosphere are very close to each other. The more people tweet about your app, the more likely you’ll hit a big-time blog.

Review blogs and tech websites are part of the app store’s and app marketing. Their effect on sales is indisputable.

  1. Make a great website!

No point mentioning the fact that your app product needs its own website or at least a landing page. Make it interesting and show your app in action, app market research recommends. Think outside the box. By making the website an extension of your app and a strong marketing tool you will have more influence on your potential users.

Magic wand for creating a successful app are still to be found but keeping in mind the advice we told about will open app market for you much easier.