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Applications for Insurance Claims

Having insurance eases your life anxiety and worries . Just imagine what your life would be like without insurance. Would your driving style be different or would you choose not to drive at all? What about health treatments and medications? Imagine having to pay for every doctor and hospital bill. That would definitely not work for our needs in today’s society. We all well know that insurance is here to support and back up.

What is an ‘Insurance Claim’

All insurance procedures are executed by means of ‘Insurance Claims’

How can we define an insurance claim? – It is a client’s formal request to an insurance company asking for an insurance payment based on the terms of his or her insurance policy. The insurance company checks the claim for its validity and then pays out to the insured or requesting party, on behalf of the insured, once approved.

Insurance claims can cover anything from death benefits on life insurance policies to routine health exams at your local doctor. In some cases, third parties file claims on behalf of the insurance holder, but usually only the person or people listed on the policy is entitled to claim payment.


Most common insurance claims around the world are:

Breaking down claims

Property and casualty claims

Life insurance claims

Health insurance claims


Can you avoid the pitfalls with insurance claims if you know your rights?

Knowing exactly rights and terms of your insurance policy will protect you from problems and frauds in case of emergencies and accidents. It is important to study carefully all points of you police before the insurance case happens in your life. Because, let’s be honest, it is too late then to negotiate your rights and impossible to stay cool headed in a stressful situation. Being prepared beforehand makes your sleep sound.

Still, dealing with disagreements between clients and insurance companies is a common thing which everyone should be ready for. Insurance commissioners resolve complaints every day. Complaints may vary from disputes with insurance companies about handling insurance claim to problems with the service and sale of an insurance policy. You have the right to file a complaint with your state insurance commissioner if you feel your insurance company has not been fair with your insurance claim or policy.

Another problem with insurance companies that many clients complain about these days is their reluctance to keep up with technology. Despite the boom of modern apps and computer services, they have recently done very little in comparison with other businesses.

New Lines Technologies are happy to present you with its joint project in the insurance sphere carried out in cooperation with Axiom Medical center, Texas (USA), whose services allow its clients to assess and start taking effective actions in just 15 minutes time after the incident.

Axiom Medical pioneered the system of computed insurance claims in the USA and now deploy it daily for thousands of companies.

We are proud to support instant, round the clock medical case assessment and management services that will actually save you or your company time and money.

Another insurance application developed, designed and supported by New Lines Technologies is called Claim Ride. It allows its users to issue virtual insurance cards. With the card users can quickly receive a replacement vehicle or control repair expenses through a mobile app without having to telephone or travel to his or her insurance agent.

With the application features more customers can enjoy quicker roadside assistance and better health and car insurance experience every day.

Having five years of experience with computer operating insurance systems and apps we are ready to take new challenges and support our clients needs in the long run. As we are long-term relations and user oriented company.