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Is there life after a startup launching? Important updates from real European startups we interviewed

Is there life after a startup launching? Important updates from real European startups we interviewed

As you know, we publish interviews with top-notch Ukrainian and European startups in our regular blog column dedicated to startups.

While communicating with CEO each of them, we found out the details of how they launched the project, and how it was promoted at first. Knowing all these details is definitely interesting and useful, especially for those who are about to launch their own projects.

But the most important things happen later when a project is launched and it should be adequately promoted. And this is where the real difficulties begin that only a very strong team can handle. According to statistics, only 1 startup of 10 survives. That is why we decided to find out how is it going with those startups which we interviewed.

Great news: every startup is actively developing and successful!

So let’s check what’s new has each of the startups a few months after our interviews with them.


What’s new in the life of Probely?

Interview with Probely

Updates to March 2019:

  • the team grew from 6 to 10 in general;
  • they hired a head of sales department, a growth hacker and two developers;
  • direct integration with Jira, Jenkins, and Heroku appeared, and Probely is now available at their plugin/addon marketplace;
  • Probely has compliance reports;
  • they organized a security CTF (capture the flag competition) at a big event (;
  • a new website is launched;
  • the team is working on the enterprise version of Probely.


What’s new in the life of Parklio?

Interview with Parklio

Updates to March 2019:

“Everything is going great. We are soon launching second model and introducing some new cool features, also we are negotiating about second round of investment”.


What’s new in the life of Spaceti?

Interview with Spaceti

Updates to March 2019:

  • Spaceti won the MIPIM Startup Competition 2019 for the best startup in the real estate industry globally.
  • Now Spaceti is officially the best proptech company in the world.
  • There are currently 16 nationalities in the company and almost 40 people onboard.
  • They expanded to new countries and have Castellum and Sodexo as new clients. Here are the case studies to share.
  • Being a startup based in Prague they recently established a new office in New York.


What’s new in the life of Actijoy?

Interview with Actijoy

Updates to March 2019:

  • a new website is launched,
  • the order is now available (!),
  • shipping starts in April 2019.

We have also been selected among startups of 2019 to watch out for.


It’s so great to be aware that each of startups we communicated with is doing well and getting succeed in its own way. We wish all of them further prosperity and goal achieving.

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