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Difference between UI and UX design

Difference between UI and UX design

UX and UI design

UX and UI are terms related to web design, but they are not the same. Let’s see what is the difference between them.

UI and UX differences

UX is a user experience that occurs when interacting with your web site. Experience includes preferences, emotions, and various reactions. Around these emotions, you can build the workflow of a web resource, and that webmasters are using. User experience intersects with site usability.

UI is, you guessed it, the user interface. It provides the transfer of information between the user and your web resource. The task of UI designers is to create the best interface.

UX solves the “how the visitor will work with your site (what steps it will take)” problem. A UI designer comes up with how this whole thing will look like.

Site creation depends on the results of testing and user surveys .Creating user friendly interface
The way of user interaction with the site, form, interaction nuances are being worked out .Drawing site design, individual elements – forms, buttons, tables and others.

UX/UI design is the creation of interfaces where usability is as important as the appearance. UX is a procedure, and UI is a tool.

Difference between UI and UX design

UI design features

The responsibility of the UI designer is the graphic elements of the website. It depends on his work how your website will look like.

The UI designer’s tools include all site elements such as:

  • Buttons
  • Forms
  • Fonts
  • Tables
  • Alerts and modal windows
  • Labels and Icons
  • Galleries and images
  • Navigation menus and breadcrumbs
  • Sidebar and its menu

UX Tools

Suitable tools are chosen based on the tests and emotions of the site users. The UX designer analyzes user behavior as a psychologist and sets a goal to achieve. Then he or she builds a site structure. UX designer tools include:

  • A / B testing
  • Characters
  • Scenarios
  • Empathy Map


With the growing number of users on the Internet, the UI / UX design has become very fashionable. Website building has overcome a long path of formation and development. Now UI / UX design is the only way to create a successful web site, where usability and style come first.