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How to sell an app in the App Store

How to sell an app in the App Store

App Store is a competitive environment containing more than 1.5 million of apps developed to draw your attention. What should you undertake to be noticed among all the diversity of programs and games? How to sell an app in the App Store and to make it interesting enough to be discussed and recommended?

Follow simple rules below, and you will significantly increase your chances of becoming popular. These recommendations may sound way too obvious, but, as incredibly weird as it may seem, people often tend to neglect them.

Rule №1: Learn more about existing niches

For the time being in the App Store there are just a few products requiring a separate category. That’s why, unless you are going to make a breakthrough, pick a niche and settle in creating something challenging and never seen before.

Actually, there are lots of things requiring nothing but some polishing and hard work to shine and dazzle. Make an effort and breathe life into your creation!

Look at your competitors. Ask yourself: is there anything they haven’t invented yet? Is there anything special your application lacks to be the first? Look and find the cherry on the cake allowing your application to become a top product.

Rule №2: Be unique

One of the best ways to get noticed in the App Store is to offer the customers something really special. It’s very important. There are myriads of lost and forgotten applications, developed hurry-scurry, in haste, just for the sake of income.

If you wish to succeed, make sure you are either able to create a new category or to develop a unique product, which contributes to any of the existing ones. If you just improve something, it will be a success.

Rule №3: Make your product discussable

Another marker of success is the mere fact that customers discuss your product. The more they talk about it, the more popular it becomes, and the audience is more eager to download or to buy it. If your product is unique, it will be discussed just because it is unique. However, what to do in order to start the discussion?

Be open

Develop a trial free to download version of the application. That’s something that can be discussed. Upload good quality screenshots and think about writing a short and clear product description.

Use promotion codes: it’s another way to win the attention of your customers. Publish them at a good site or, better, find a blog where you can start a discussion involving target audience.

An excellent option is to ask for a review from a large and reputable social media resource. There is a chance other resources will follow their example. A well-written article is able to ensure a necessary number of views for several months.

Advance Advertising

Start advertising your product beforehand. If you are sure your application is unique, don’t be afraid to tell about it before the presentation. Video advertising and timely information about the launch will help you to attract the audience for the start.


Benefit from the possibilities offered by this world famous social network gathering millions of users all over the world. There are some well-known applications having gained popularity owing to Twitter and other social networks.

Imagine how you would describe your products within 280 characters? Tell about your strong points, explain what is the main idea of your development and how useful it may be.


Reviews of the new application placed in blogs and on special sites are also important if you want to draw attention of the customers. It’s hardly possible to explain in what way they influence the sales, but they definitely produce a certain effect on the traffic and network discussions of the product.

A good example of successful social media advertising is the blog of the company New Line Technologies you are currently reading. It provides a bright and detailed description of the products like AppConstructor  and Virtual Panorama. The articles we have dedicated to the above-mentioned developments made them more popular among the customers and increased the sales and the income of their owners.

Rule №4: Build a good website

Any developer dreaming of promoting a product and making it highly popular needs a website. It is a starting point to count from, otherwise the rules above will never work.

Optionally you can build an online business card website with interesting content, where your product will be shown in action. When this is the case, the site should be a kind of sequel expanding upon the product. As a result you will get one more reliable marketing tool.

By the way, New Line Technologies web-experts may help you with the development of the necessary kind of site using the most advanced technologies and trends.

Rule №5: Organize a great launch event

Once you have detected all the bugs and fixed them, once you realize the job is done, you may start organizing the launch event. The most important is to make it bright and unforgettable. Prepare a blow mind social media newsletter. Announce it in blogs, use every little possiblilty.

To promote your product you need a permanent flow of ratings and reviews on topic sites. Keep providing some fresh content, try to get to topic App Store sections, like «What’s new» or «Recommendations». You’ll see how helpful it will be.

Finally, ask yourself: what can you do to make your product more valuable, popular and attractive? Trust your feelings and imagine what you would be interested to see in the application like the one you are going to launch if you were a user?