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How to create a DIY website

How to create a DIY website

Nowadays how to create a website is probably the most frequently asked question: just have a look at the search engine statistics and you’ll feel it yourself. There exist a lot of different sites trying to answer it by providing examples and explanations. We all often come across the so-called «information sites», which promise to make a miracle and teach you how to create a website from scratch.

How to create a free website? DIY: for and against

  •       There is a popular belief that creating a website is easy and doesn’t require much time and knowledge. Yes, due to new content management systems it is possible to build a site within a couple of minutes, but providing a useful high quality content may take months and sometimes even years.
  •       Another popular belief is that creating a website is intricate and time-consuming. It’s relatively true: building a site on wordpress or joomla is quite simple, but developing from scratch a large portal with lots of php-scripts is far more complicated and requires some good professional skills.

Hence, although it appears that both of the above statements are more or less true, the most important message we expect you to hear and understand is that creating a website is not a big deal, but building a good site takes time and requires special knowledge. If you really want to learn it, bear in mind you’ll have to learn a lot.

One more question: where can you learn it all and acquire the necessary knowledge? Dare try it and set your heart on achieving the goal: look for interesting books and useful resources, participate in seminars and webinars. Hopefully, they will help you to design and implement a website based on PHP, MySQL and perhaps even XML, as well as to build a high quality website using CMS. Hopefully, but again, as a result, after a training you will be able to create a site of your own. However, as discouraging as it may sound, creating a website is not enough. To get to the top of search, any newly created site needs efficient promotion, and here you will face another problem.

Website development technologies

How to create a DIY website

HTML is the first and the most elementary thing you must know if you think about developing a site. It is the cornerstone and the base of practically any website. Some other hints:

  1. CSS is a language that will help you to build a site with a genuinely professional design.
  2. JavaScript will allow you to write the most different necessary website scripts. Script writing makes a site more functional and dynamic.
  3. MySQL is a software applied to work with databases using SQL. It is something you can’t do without if you want to create a solid professional site.
  4. PHP is the most popular programming language. You can use it for search creation and optimization, writing all kinds of visitor registration and authorization scripts, making special template engines etc.
  5. XML is a widely applied and useful programming language worth learning even though strictly speaking it has nothing to do with the website development.

Actually, that was it. Think it over and decide if you really need it. Embark on it if you have courage to embark and don’t forget you can never be sure that your website will look well-built and functional enough even if you do it and learn it all. Consequently, in any case the best solution is to seek professional assistance. The New Line Technologies team will help you to create a high quality website from scratch taking into account your wishes and individual preferences.

As a matter of fact, is creating a free website really that free? After all, you can spend the time wasted on learning programming languages way more efficiently, communicating with new customers, doing your business and earning money. Order a professionally developed website and your expenses will soon pay for themselves.