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10 must have things for successful promotion of your app

10 must have things for successful promotion of your app

A well-developed app is only half the deal. However, if you do not have the right marketing strategy for your mobile application that will attract users and increase your profits, then your project will most likely fail at the very beginning. We will give a list of important things that you need to consider to make your app successful.

Studies have shown that 80% of app users do not use the apps they downloaded 3 months ago. The task of the right marketing strategy is to avoid this and make the application as popular and desirable as possible.

  1. Introducing

When a user starts an app for the first time, he expects the process of signing up and navigating around to be as easy as possible. If the application is difficult and unclear to use, then the user will quickly lose his interest. Introducing means rapid showing the user how to use the app effectively by demonstrating its efficiency. Usually it has the form of step-by-step instructions or tooltips that help the user understand the purpose and functions of various buttons or items.

  1. ASO

App Store Optimization (ASO) is like SEO, but only for app stores. Proper ASO application will increase the organic traffic to your app and get its rank as high as possible for the relevant search terms used by your target user. ASO is not a one-time job and involves constant monitoring and improvement if necessary.

  1. Web Site

Obviously, the app store pages may not be enough to describe all the benefits and advantages of your product. That is why websites are still relevant. However, it is not worth spending a lot of money on developing a large site. A properly designed one-page site or even a landing page will help to describe your product in all its glory, to place videos with tutorials or useful links with instructions.

  1. SMM and Influencer Media

Another mandatory item is the SMM. When placing information about your application in social networks, you do not just notify the whole community about it, but send this information exactly to those people who may be interested in using your product.

Influencer Marketing is a new but very popular technique for promoting a brand or product. It is based on the fact that subscribers of a popular person see that he/she recommends a particular product and, following their idol, also begin to actively use it.

  1. User Reviews

We have to admit that people are influenced by other people’s opinion. There is no user who would not be interested in the reviews of others about the experience of using any product. And a low store or app rating may deter him from downloading. It is very important to track negative user feedbacks, promptly correct pitfalls and improve the application.

  1. User Experience

Having a great user experience is important for the app success. If users find your user experience poor, they will never use this app again. This makes all marketing efforts and promotions completely wasted.

  1. Push Notifications

Studies have shown that the right push notification strategy can increase users’ engagement up to 88%. Push notifications are the best way of communication with a user by sending him an information about new features and content, special offers or anything else that will keep them interested in using your app. Of course, you should make a great research on applying the service. Otherwise, this great tool could become the number one reason why users uninstall your app. So, first of all, be sure to get pre-permission for sending push notifications to the user for keeping his information privacy.

  1. In-App Messaging

In-app messages are similar to push notifications except that they are displayed only when using the application. This makes them a great tool for communicating with those users who’ve chosen to opt-out of push, as they don’t require permissions.  In-app messaging helps to add value and improve the user experience.

  1.  Emails

And the third method for communicating with app users who have chosen to opt-out of receiving push notifications is emailing. The possibility to store and access emails at any time emphasizes this service in comparison with push and in-app notifications.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

By applying AI, we get machines that learn in real-time, observe subtle trends of engagement, eliminate the need for A / B testing, and have the ability to retrain each time a consumer participates. This ensures the most accurate, personal, and relevant messaging. Ultimately, the AI will and already decides how marketers should interact with their customers.

P.S. Online Communities

Do not reject predecessors of Instagram and Facebook. It may seem that they are out of date, but it’s not true. Such resources as Reddit and Quora must be considered when targeting. Currently, Reddit is ranked as the 6th most popular website in the world, while Quora is also among the top 100. And remarkably, these two platforms are completely free!