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“How much does it cost to build a mobile application?” – is surely the most frequent question nowadays.

How to create an app? What estimates mobile app development cost? Whether you need to make an app for iOS or create an app for Android, it is better to assign the creation process to experienced mobile application developers.

The app market has exploded recently. We use mobile apps for different reasons such as advertising, banking, payment and so on. All those personal services have now become mobile. The rise of many types of mobile devices has automatically created more number of mobile app developers for these devices. Most businesses create applications to get promoted, it helps to increase brand recognition and attracts clients. Basically it is another great sales channel. Mobile development and mobile marketing form an inevitable part of any industry’s success. Mobile apps have a clear advantage over mobile websites, as they directly target the customer concerned.
How much does it cost to develop mobile app and what is more crucial, is it really profitable to create a mobile app? To answer this question, we will have to look into a number of related points. Mobile app development price estimation is a complicated process influenced by many aspects. One may be pleased with only an IOS app development cost coming to the Apple followers market. Another one rather choose to start with Android supporters providing solutions for multiscreen devices. Therefore, an android app development cost would be of current importance.
The cost of developing a mobile application depends on the ready application’s function types and amounts. As the cost of mobile game development is largely determined by the type of application you would like to build.
“How much it cost to create an app for smartphone?” – is apparently the most frequent question. If you want to build an application, you want to know the cost of developing a mobile app. In this article we’ll try to help you – we will go through mobile app development process and reasons that affect development cost average. We also will tell how much does it cost to develop a mobile app.

Below you may find the diagram showing the range of mobile app development costs for iPhones.

Source: Clutch Firms that delive


As we have already mentioned above the cost of developing a mobile application is mostly determined by the type of application you want to develop.

  • Basic functionality. – $1,000-3,000 This is the most affordable option. These apps are the most simple and cheap to develop and design. Ideal for small businesses who need an easy app, that presents basic information. Also justified if you are not able to invest too much money in it. The client provides all the content required and the example of an app. Development timeframe is up to two months.
  • Database functionality (Native) – $4,000-$50,000 They are the middle complexity apps. This kind of apps is more complicated and is concerned with database management. Database apps often connect to a website or other online web service to get back information and include more advanced features. These features increase cost of developing an app. Development timeframe – 2-5 months.
  • Games – $10,000-$250,000 are the hardest apps to develop, due to the most advanced features, that include real-time synchronization, audio/video processing, especially when it comes combining 3D effects. Development timeframe lasts 2-5 months.

Device firmware You can also develop apps that enhance or modify the device’s existing firmware to increase user experience. Most of these include using the alarm, camera and GPS features, you take them and improve.

It is very crucial to understand that you can develop apps very quickly and at a low price, if you are absolutely sure what type of app you are going to design and it will determine the cost of mobile application development.


A survey conducted by Clutch Firms asked 12 “leading mobile application development companies” about the number of hours required for mobile app development activities, and calculated that the “median high” cost. The report, released in January 2015, includes detailed breakdowns of cost drivers:

The mobile app development process can be split into such major steps as: idea, layout, design, developing, testing and launch.

1. Inception.

All process begins with an idea, after you say: I want an app. But firstly you should think about what you expect from it, how much you are able to spend and your target audience. The idea is usually cultivated into firm basis for an application.

2. Design.

Design specifies User Experience (UX) concept development, such as design layout, defines branding, wire framing and delivers the whole concept by turning the UX into appropriate User Interface (UI) design. Design of the app always has two aspects: it must express business goals and it should be attractive and easy to use.

3. Development.

Development is the most demanding and thorough step. It is when you actually create your mobile application.

4. Testing or Quality assurance.

After the development is done, the application must be tested and all bugs are fixed. Apart from usual testers, often a wider user audience will review and provide feedback.

5. Launch.

Once the app is thoroughly test, it is ready for release. Name, description and price all are very crucial issues for release.


Generally, IOS apps are faster and cheaper to create.

The cost of mobile app programming depends on:

• style with animation;

• layout;

• unique custom solutions that need technical studies;

• the variety and scale of the changes produced in the growth process

To calculate the preliminary price, multiply the hourly rate of IT-specialist on the growth time.

By performance, programs are divided into basic, advanced and challenging. Relative cost of mobile application programming is below:

  • Basic – $2,000-7,000. Developing simple application for the iPhone with basic performance takes up 2 several weeks for.
  • Advanced – $12,000-24,000.Aim at complicated programs will take more than 2 several weeks.
  • Challenging – $30,000-50,000. To create applications for iPad, iPhone of highly complexness with a comprehensive data source and excellent design can last more than several weeks.


Android projects contain 40% more code, that is why it is more expensive to develop for Android.


Image Credit: Erminsoft PR

The possible budget price may vary widely depending on the project complexity. Let’s review an estimates of average cost to develop an Android app:

  • Elementary apps average at $25000 -­ $35000.  You provide all the content, clear direction, and example apps of what you want to do.
  • Standard apps average at $45000 -­ $55000. Again, you provide content, image, writing, sound, etc. The cost is going to come from creating the logic within the app and architecting all the usability and/or game play.
  • Complex apps average at $55000 – $100000.
  • High­tech apps average at $75000 ­- $150000.

To reduce the cost to make an Android app and evade creating an unpopular product, MVPs (minimum viable product) are often used.

The price depends on a number of factors that are needed to successfully implement an idea, and include needed talent, the type and complexity of the product, and post-release support.

Obviously, the complexity of a product is the main factor when it comes to counting app development costs. The following three factors affect the reason why Android app development is so slow.

Applications for Android are written in Java, which means more work and more potential failures.

Android emulators are generally slower than those for iOS, and it slows down the entire development process.

Fragmentation – is another complicating factor, offering a wide variety of screen resolutions and pixel densities, which means that a designer has to construct carefully an interface version for every supported screen size.


Have an idea of a great mobile application? Bring it to life!

Hopefully, now you have some idea about the process of developing a mobile app. Connect with consultants for a consultation to get an estimate on the complexity, time, and cost associated with your project. Developing a successful app is not a piece of cake. It requires a well-thought-out concept and a thoroughly planned strategy of encouraging people to use it and bringing some value to them instead.

In conclusion, it’s not so easy to answer the question of how much it costs to make an app, as you can see there is a big range depending on your project.

I hope this article helps!