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How To Make Money With Apps

How To Make Money With Apps

How To Make Money With Apps

There are a lot of money in apps. You can become a millionaire by developing apps. All you have to do is to trust in app. Most self-made millionaires are young, they had an amazing idea, and simply expressed it into reality, by developing an app, which helped them to build wealth

Do you know this app?

Whatsapp is one of the most popular free chatting app recognised all around the globe. It was founded by Jan Koum and Brian Actom. They sold it to Facebook for approximately $19,3 billion. They both had an idea for an amazing app and simply created Whatsapp. Now they are both billionaires.

Want to make money with apps?

With the recent success of mobile development market, people are asking a fair question how to make money with apps. Common questions they ask are – how to generate profit from application and how to develop and market an app. Developers put a fair questions: how they can earn money online? How much do apps make?

There are a lot of articles about earning money online. However, this is a real hassle. Many of them are just a marketing ploy, in order to persuade of signing up for some webinars or training seminars to become an internet millionaire. But if you really set your mind on starting an app business and think about how to earn money on internet, you can definitely do it. Because actually your phone and your purse are more alike than you can imagine.

I have an app idea – now what?

So the main tip is that firstly you need to say: I have an awesome idea of an app. Secondly you have to ask a question: are you sure that your app idea is worth millions? Today, with the emergence of so many new mobile applications, your idea should be unique. The crucial point is that you have to create value for millions of people worldwide to make their lives easier and more fun. When you come up with an app idea, you have to do a full research of the market, analyze the best app ideas. Usually people don’t know how to sell an app idea, so try to find out some recommendations and advice on best monetization strategy.  

So stage one: start crafting your idea.

Stage two: make it a money-maker.

Stage three: now you are ready to sell it.

An app idea submission

How to get paid for an app idea submission? The point is simple, you have to convince a company or an individual that your future mobile application will be best top money-making app. A lot of companies buy app ideas, in case they consider it a significant help for the business and boost to succeed. Some just search for new ideas. It is crucial to decide in which spheres you are able to contribute to any business. There is a great deal of money can be made simply by app idea submission.

Try to persuade companies that it will help them to achieve their goals and to improve themselves. Provide your cool iphone or android app ideas that could be useful to any company. The trick here is to really be sure of what you are talking about, so be confident.

Make a research

There are a lot of approaches you can target your app to increase your chances of financial success. Before get started you need to do your own research and analyze the digital market. You should answer some questions like: how to market your mobile app? how to develop an app? After that you may find out that only mobile website is not enough for your business. It is very crucial to understand what captivates and motivates your audience in order to present a really cutting-edge mobile app. Explore the recent outlines of how to develop and market an app and place decent advertising for that. Listen to your users, they often suggest hints on what has to be improved and how.

Not sure if your app idea is worth millions?

There is no doubt you already notice that there are apps used not only for fun, but for earning extra profit from them. You can easily earn money online and work from your home, sitting on your comfortable coach. All you have to do is simply to download a few apps.

We emphasize several app ideas that pay you money. All of them can be free downloaded, each has a strong user base to ensure you cover all expired costs.

Here are the best money making apps in 2016.

1.  Ebates

ebatesEbates is the best money making app. If you love to shop then Ebates is the best money making app for you. It allows shoppers to receive cash back from 1,800 stores. Ebates is a principal and leading online cash back shopping. Every time you shop online it pays cash back and provides you with best deals online. It compares the prices when you scan an item. Members will get a $5 bonus after their first purchase. It has already given back $325 million to its members. Available on IOS and Android.

2. Swagbucks

Earn virtual money with Swagbucks. Android and IOS users can win back in the form of gift cards, coupons or to receive cash back through PayPal. Earn Swagbucks for shopping online, watching videos, surfing the web. Swagbucks has already given back $123 million dollars to its users. Swagbucks has a wide range of traders, from fashion to electronics. Available on IOS and Android.

3. Bitwalking

With Bitwalking you can generate money from walking. Bitwalking converts every step you make you into digital currency, named walking dollars. Your walking dollars accumulate each day and remain in your account until they transferred or spent. You may spend your digital currency at the Bitwalking store and trade walking dollars with other users. It was designed as money making app for Android phones, letting people around the globe to get profit. You can manage your account directly from your phone.

4. Field Agent

Field Agent is a money making app for Iphones. It pays your money to complete small jobs listed within your app community. You will browse for tasks in “Job Lists”. Select a task to receive additional details and accept it. You need to accomplish the job within two hours’ time frame. Before you get started the task, make sure of your objective is not far away from you. Your tasks completed will be checked thoroughly, only after that you will receive payment via PayPal. Available on IOS.

5. Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars app that pays you to use the internet. Once you download the InboxDollars you will earn money for browsing the internet, taking surveys, checking emails, playing games, shopping online or even downloading other apps. Once your account reaches a balance of $30, you are able to request a payment and get a check usually within two weeks. Since launching, InboxDollars has given out over $30 million dollars in cash to its users. It will even pay you $5 bonus just for giving it a try.  Available on IOS and Android.

6. Foap

Foap is an app that pays you money for taking photos with your smartphone. Upload your photos from Instagram, Spersy or Flickr. People are always looking for a wide spectrum of photos. You can be amazed by how much money you can make with your photos, because it can be sold an unlimited amount of times. Each image costs $10, but the user will receive only $5. To make your photos more available to customers, you may create your own portfolio. Foap presents a favourable money-making opportunities. License as many images as you want. Other users rate your images and you will get a positive feedback, which is going to increase your skills and set out of your photos. Available on IOS and Android.

7. Viggle

Viggle is an innovative app that pays you for watching television and discovering new music. Once you download it, you have to open it, while listening to music or watching the TV. The Viggle will identify the show or the song. You will get Perk Points for every song or show you are involved in. You will earn +800 gift cards, tech gadgets or trips or exchange your points for cash with a debit card Perk Plastik. Available on IOS and Android.


Now you have a clear notion of different ways to start earning cash online, as far as the best money making apps 2016. If you found out something that really appealed to you, try it out and discover more about it. The suggestions mentioned above can work, but might not make it all for you. If you are really willing to get a full-time revenue online, you have to be dedicated to learning the digital market. You need to choose either to promote your genius app idea or to work with already existing money making apps. I have doubts that current best apps will make you rich, but certainly it is a proven way to make money online.