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Future of the iPhone

On September 12, 2017, several products from Apple were presented. Of course, the most discussed of them is the iPhone X. One of the most popular phones in the world has undergone both external changes and improvements in “stuffing.” And, despite the fact that some developments have already been applied in smartphones from other manufacturers, Apple has brought them to a new, better level. Let’s analyze what innovations have appeared in the iPhone X and what innovations may be expected in the future from the company’s developers.

Unlimited screen and new protection

Let’s start with the fact that the iPhone X received a frameless display that takes up the entire front part of the smartphone, thereby losing the Home button, and, consequently, the Touch ID function. iPhone X has an exclusive 3D-camera, with which now the owner has a face recognition – Face ID, which works even in the dark. This is how the owner will now unlock his phone. Today, when all routine, but important, actions switch to online mode, the security of such operations is very acute. After all, unlocking a phone with fraudulent purposes, attackers can get access to personal information, accounts and other details. Of course, unlocking with a fingerprint is a fairly reliable way to protect your data, but technology should not stand still. Perhaps in the future, voice recognition technologies will be used for protection, and in the future engineers together with scientists will be able to develop a way of identification by DNA-profiling.

Step to independence

Also, the iPhone X can be charged wirelessly – just put the device on a special stand. However, this is not the same revolutionary development that allows you to convert a radio signal into electricity, which was reported by the Office for Patents and Trademarks of the United States, and which many expected very much. A proprietary design, called a wireless charging system using dual-band antennas, will allow charging a smartphone or tablet without the need to connect to a power outlet, using the signal of the nearest router as the power source. The introduction of this revolutionary invention will make a grandiose coup, because thanks to it, iPhone users can be the most mobile and independent of the electricity grid.

Fix life in bright colors

Speaking about the camera, the developers provided it with an optical stabilization mechanism, new light sensors and a high-speed lens f / 1.8 and f / 2.8, which makes it possible to take pictures in darker conditions. Video shooting now has an increased frame rate: 4K video can be shot at 60 fps, which even some professional video cameras can not do. These indicators finally eliminated the need for cameras, unless they are professional SLRs. Perhaps in subsequent iPhone models developers will also be able to apply optical zoom, which will allow every iPhone owner to feel like a professional photographer.

6 cores in the heart

Well, about the “heart” of the phone. The authors of the benchmark test Geekbench published a screenshot, which shows the result of testing the iPhone X. The test clearly shows that the novelty scored 4061 points in a single-core test and 9959 in a multi-core test. For comparison, iPhone 7 Plus knock out in this test 3500 and 5975 points respectively. And the results of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus are about 2000 and 6700 points. It is noted that the processor Apple A11, which iPhone X is equipped with, received six processor cores. Two powerful kernels will be focused on the most complex tasks, and the four remaining ones will be used for everyday tasks. Thus, apparently, Apple managed to create a smartphone that is faster than the MacBook, at least in the Geekbench service.

What we get as a result

It is worth noting that the developers of Apple conducted a grandiose work – they developed their own graphics adapter with such a performance, with which no other manufacturers can compete yet. Thanks to years of hard work, the company got its own technology. From now on, smartphones will be released on their own graphics chips, which will maximize the performance of the entire internal system and soon we will witness how the behaviour of smartphones will change after implementation of these developments.

A big step towards the dream

Everyone admits that the iPhone X is the most powerful smartphone not only this year, but also the upcoming 2018. As we see, the already popular Apple smartphones, which have become not only a fashion accessory, but also an indispensable assistant, with such a pace of technology development can finally send other manufacturers to scrap. If in the coming years the company also succeeds in abandoning third-party processors, then they will acquire the status of the most innovative and independent manufacturer in the world. This will be an achievement of the goals set by the creator of the company Steve Jobs. And, although there is still no forecast for the release date of the new model, we are already looking forward to a new presentation of the company’s products. I wonder what Apple will surprise us next time?