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What is networking?

What is networking?


A week ago the Olerom Forum One was held in Ukraine – the most large-scale business forum in Eastern Europe. A very interesting and relevant topic about networking was discussed there. This is the issue we want to dedicate our article.

What is networking in theory?

Networking is a community of people who are united by one activity and effectively carry it out through their acquaintances. The purpose of this association is to solve together other people’s problems. Such activities can be directed both socially and professionally.The main thing that distinguishes it is the ability to quickly help those who fall into a difficult situation. The theoretical basis of networking is the teaching of Stanley Milgram, an American psychologist of the twentieth century. He experimentally substantiated the idea that the world is small and all people on the Earth are the links of one chain. Milgram affirmed: if you try, you can restore the chain of 6 acquaintances that connect each of us with any other earthling, even if he is Prince Charles.

What is networking in practice?

Representatives of this direction are ready to unravel any life rebus, wherever it may appear – in everyday life, in personal matters or in business.

What is positive networking?

Positive networking is committed to dedication, negative – to receive benefits from the outside. You need to be ready to give, not take, share, be able to speak to barely familiar people: “How can I help you?”.Then there will be more chances to get something from others. Positive networking is the basis of long-term and extra-efficient relationships, a pledge of a thriving business, family well-being, self-realization.

Rules of Networking

To achieve success in any business, you need to be guided by certain principles.

  1. Don’t be shy with strangers: barriers between people are only in the mind and are destroyed when people move towards each other.
  2. Remember: don’t be annoying and be able to delicately offer your help.
  3. Do not ignore connections (including those obtained online) that you consider to be useless today. No one knows what will happen tomorrow.
  4. To keep useful contacts, get a notebook and diligently record there all the data about new friends.
  5. Try to always be ready for everything, look good, have a supply of business cards.
  6. Do not miss the chance to present a new acquaintance to your friends: this way you will constantly expand the circle of mutual influence available to you.
  7. Keep a positive attitude in every relationship. Then you will be characterized as a trustworthy person, and not as an extravagant or scandalous person.

To earn credibility and a positive image in the field of networking and not be disappointed in it, it is worth remembering the following:

– do not use your friends solely for the sake of gain, try to get pleasure from your own good deeds;

– always be respectful with people, not only when you want to get something from them;

– never deceive a person in order to get his own from him: scam – a taboo in a decent society;

– do not trust strangers for one hundred percent;

– be able to overcome your ego and thank the person who could not do you a favor.

Finding answers to all questions about networking, you will have to get rid of his main enemies: arrogance and seclusion. This activity requires openness and responsiveness from people, the ability to find joy in communication and to enjoy other people’s success. Only by meeting these high criteria can you simplify your life with the help of networking.