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We live in the 21st century and such a phenomenon as robots is familiar to us. Earlier, about 50 years ago, robots were something unusual, and we met them only in pages of fantastic books and magazines. Now robots are not news, and are found everywhere. For example, a washing machine is the same robot programmed to wash our things, or a multi-cook, and the computer is also a robot! Indeed, more and more new technologies are being invented by people to make their lives easier, and they are called robots, because simplification of people’s life is a trend of the present. But what are these robots and how do they affect our lives?

We will not go into the technical details, just note that the robot is an automatic device, created on the principle of a living organism, programmed for an action. And the robot can perform the action, either receiving commands from a person, or without that.

Scope of Application

On the one hand, a robot is very useful nowadays, so a person makes his life easier. Let’s take a simple example: computing robotics. It is not necessary to suffer for 9-10 hours a day, trying to figure out a particular task. Now we have robots that just need to be programmed to solve the problem, assign all variables to them, and they will calculate the answer. Simply put, it’s like a calculator – you enter data, and everything is done for you. Robots often perform difficult or completely impossible tasks for a person.

Again, a simple example is robot sapper. These little marvels of technology, not just saving lives, performing no simple task to find and defuse the bomb. If a person can lose his life by making a small mistake, then the robot can then be reassembled. Therefore, very often robots are used in a profession dangerous for a person.

By the way about the professions, one of the largest American corporations has already started replacing managers with robotics, as a result of which 4000 employees were laid off. Managers, it is worth saying very effective, do not reduce from the desire to save, but only because they simply can not cope with the amount of work. Robots do not know fatigue and can work at least 24 hours a day, the main thing is that there is enough battery power. The effectiveness of robots is undeniable – a work that for people can last a year, the robot will perform a month.

It should also be taken into account that robots are much harder and stronger than humans, so often, where people can not cope, they use robots. In Australia, for example, the use of robot miners is not new. Roboсars or robotic trucks extract ore in remote areas of the country where many people simply refuse to work. At the same time, the efficiency of robots is much higher than that of humans, and there are also more savings. You do not have to pay salaries to robots, they do not get sick, they can not get injured, work is more effective, and the risk that the robot will suffer is much less.

Robots began to be used in medicine. The newly invented robot terminal proved that it really can be more effective than a human being. This robot revealed 90% of people from the control group suffering from cancer, while professional oncologists detected only 50% of diagnoses. Robots have capabilities that are much higher than human abilities, so they are often used by us.

You Can’t Replace Everyone with Robots

However, hoping for the possibility and robustness of robots, it’s wrong to think that they will do everything for us, it is fraught with many unpleasant and even fatal consequences.

First, then we will lose our interest in life, why we need it, if we are simply consumers and reap the fruits of the robot’s labors. You can safely sit, eat, sleep, do nothing, do not go to work, do not find a soul mate, do not create a family.

Secondly, we risk degradation. If labor made man from ape, then its absence can turn the process back. Well, thirdly, we risk completely disappear as a species. Why do we need weak people on the planet Earth, if there are strong robots?

These are only the few consequences that we can feel if we completely delegate our powers to robots. We must be their masters, not depend on them. Robots are only helpers in our lives, but no more, and we need to understand this.

Robots in our life are not new, and not something unreal, but what we see every day. We are so used to them that we simply do not attach any importance to them. However, it’s worth remembering that robots will never replace people, they are not alive, but devices created by us. Of course, we can and will continue to use robotics, but we must understand that robots are nothing compared to human genius. And what will happen tomorrow with robots and with people, we’ll see tomorrow.

5 best in-home robots everyone dreams about

Finally, we will bring our top 5 robotic assistants in everyday life, after trying which once you can not give them up anymore.

1. LoweBot

Trade is one of the first branches of the economy, which thought about the need to use robots. A vivid example is LoweBot used in a number of retail chains in California. The machine works as an assistant to staff, and is also able to provide advice to customers. For example, a robot can help in finding the right product. The machine is able to recognize several languages.

2. Sego

When it comes to robots, each of us is traditionally a humanoid device, but in fact it is not. Numerous robots assistants are far from this “ideal”, however all this does not make them less useful. A striking example is the robot Sego, designed for servicing pets, in particular their feeding without human intervention. The robot can be either controlled from the user’s mobile device remotely, or completely autonomous, acting according to a given algorithm and according to the readings of the sensors.

3. The Digiloom

And this is

the most “friendly” robot on the planet, which is also a 3D printer. What makes this an entertaining device? It’s very simple, it makes all kinds of memorable accessories for friends, drawing on the data that the robot collects from their mobile devices. However, you should not worry, the machine is not spyware at all and first you need to go through the synchronization procedure.

4. Tertill

This small and very modest robot is in fact an incredibly useful device. The thing is that Tertill is one of the few today full-fledged garden robots. The purpose of the device is obvious – to keep order in the garden and on the lawn, in particular to get rid of weeds. Thanks to the solar panel, the robot does not need to be charged and can be on the street throughout the season. Like any other similar device, Tertill can be synchronized with any mobile device. The robot operates autonomously.

5. Cop Rose

Finally it is worthwhile to tell about another amazing robot-helper, which appeared relatively recently. As you can already guess from the photographs, the main task of Cop Rose is cleaning the windows. The robot does all the work on its own. Configurable, like most other robotic cleaners using a smartphone. Incredibly convenient and easy to use. It is obvious that this technique is the future.