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Outsourcing value beyond cut costs, or The real pros of Outsourcing for business

Outsourcing value beyond cut costs, or The real pros of Outsourcing for business

By Irina Lubenskaya, CBDO at New Line Technologies

This article will be useful for C-level persons who want to optimize business processes and increase profits.

Until recently many companies have considered offshoring development centers (ODC) as a powerful cost-reduction tool only.

Though every organization has different needs, some leaders understand that restraining outsourcing to this limited role leaves out a large variety of opportunities.

The development of traditional outsourcing into value‐creating global collaboration provides a significant competitive advantage for those companies that use this business model effectively.

Key advantages of the greatest return due to outsourcing include:

  • Access to intellectual property (IP) not available in-house.
  • Access to cutting edge technical expertise.
  • Access to advanced business and industry knowledge.
  • Access to all-star developers.
  • Diversifying resources quickly.
  • Aligning with business strategy.
  • Speeding-up time to market.
  • Obtaining crucial contextual knowledge for products, customer, or market gateway.
  • Ensuring senior management support.
  • Continuing lowering the costs.

It is assumed that only established companies with mature business processes can provide value‐add far beyond cost reduction.

The question is how to distinguish the successful IT vendors that are able to provide listed above benefits and engagement model relationship that fits clients perfectly. How to choose a proven, trustworthy offshore service provider that can deliver not only software development as is?

What are the key criteria that will help you find a mature outsourcing company?

A mature company is an organization that has been in the IT market for a long time, has a good reputation, loyal customers, and grows steadily.

In such organizations Company Culture, External Communication, Customer Satisfaction, Processes Maturity, Tech Expertise Level, Code and Documentation, Contractual Documents are regarded and always matter.

Also, the right index is to have several equally well-established competitors, making price competition still important but not crucial.

Undoubtedly, it is not easy to choose the right vendor even among the best.

We consider that what described above is extremely important for the success of a project and cooperation considerably, but there is one more fundamental thing that is significant in no less.

It is the human aspect.

At New Line Technologies we not only have built the right business processes but gathered the best talents and team players who work on internal reciprocity among the team and truly dedicated to software projects they work on.

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