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New Line year recap and Clutch recognition

Year challenges and solutions

As you already know, New Line Technologies is more than 11 years on the Software Development market, and we have experienced a variety of challenges on our path. But 2020 brings something that we have not ever met previously. The COVID-19 pandemic affected all areas Worldwide from business to lifestyle and New Line is not an exception.
But all this turned out to be just another step towards our growth and development.

Awards and recognitions

Our hard work did not go unnoticed, and we are incredibly proud to be among the TOP 1000 Software Development B2B Service Vendors Worldwide by the Independent American Research Company Clutch. The ranking is published every year and less than 1% of all companies represented in the Clutch catalog got into it. In addition, the second year in a row New Line is in TOP 30 .NET Development Companies Globally!

Clutch is a reputable agency, conducts innovative research that combines the best practices of business segment (B2B) experimentation, and now they have established themselves as the best B2B agency platform in the world. Winning a Clutch award means being recognized as one of the best and trusted partners to work with.

We were able to achieve such awards thanks to our close-knit team of experienced professionals. Each of our steps has been carefully thought out and focused on results.
An undoubtedly important aspect of our activity is the care of our clients and ease for them. Therefore, we did our best to continue a comfortable and productive cooperation.

Switching to remote work

Many business processes had to be rebuilt. By joint efforts, the stage of transition to remote work was rather painless. We were able to provide employees with the necessary equipment, gadgets and reliable communication channels. Based on the results of the accounting of working time, remote work showed a result higher than expected at the beginning of the quarantine.

We also managed to find an approach to each client, go to a meeting and consider options for cooperation and switching to online mode. Adaptation to the introduction of quarantine, the start of remote work was successful. Our employees quickly learned to work in new conditions and continue to show good results.

For the competent organization and implementation of business processes of remote work, we were able to overcome the following stages:

Accepted the environment in general
Implementing a teleworking culture requires considering the whole situation. Employees must initially understand how telecommuting can help the company cope and succeed.

Provided employees with space and facilities to work
To organize a workplace at home, an employee needs access to corporate systems, a VPN to the office network, and certain equipment.

We managed to think in a new way
It is important for the team to clearly identify the telework goals and assessment methodology for employees, as well as provide examples of successful implementation.

Learned to be patient
It is not possible to change culture overnight. This is a complex and gradual process that requires leadership support, targeted decisions, formal and informal demonstration of the desired behavior at all levels of the organization.

Took the change
We have tried to create a new culture of confidence and trust, in which employees have all the tools they need to adapt and develop successfully.

As a result, during all this time the New Line team worked for the result, invented ideas, succeeded and brought innovative software solutions to our clients.

Most important events and projects releases

Don’t get me wrong, every client is important and releases are crucial, but when we take a look back, we definitely want to highlight:

Digital Banking
Digital Banking is a cloud-based decentralized mobile banking. It employs a blockchain technology with the use of cryptocurrency Dash. In 2020, we released an e-commerce platform for buying various offline products with payments via Mobile banking. And this year is going to perform:
– Immediate International transfers
– Option to buy everything they need (food, building materials, services, fast food, electronic goods etc.) from a safe place

More details about the project via the link.

Outfit was previously created as a next-generation platform for searching and hiring personnel for various offline events. The project was designed for finding qualified and experienced personnel that will make any event top-class. But 2020 changed the game for all offline events, and we were more than happy to rebuild the business from real events to online less than in a year. More details about Outfit via the link.

Well Web Marketing
With the vision to expand our services and solution expertise, we are pleased to announce the strategic partnership between New Line Technologies and Well Web Marketing, the Digital Marketing Agency that provides services on the intersection of intuition, experience and data analysis. From now, we can assist our clients with not just development but also with online advertisement, SEO, analytics and more services on the list

After words and plans for 2021

Yep, the year was unpredictable and tested us on strength, creativity and flexibility personally as well as a part of the team, business unit and company. I wish 2021 gives us a time for a “deep breath of fresh air” and get back to strategic plans more than tactical.