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How to make your own app and sell it. Essential steps

You have a brilliant idea, one hundred sure it will become an app of the century. What should you do next to make money off apps? How bring it to commercially driven success ? Monatarzing a software in App Store as well as through Google play includes several crucial steps: promotion and climbing the charts, making it visible, riche target audience.

An idea is not enough to earn app store money

Making an app requires a lot of patience along with assortment of practical knowledge, skills and experience. Thousands of companies provide services and facilitate app development, although there are millions of tutorials on how to create an app for free and sell it, you might have a chance to do it yourself. However, the main pillar remains the idea, but its realization is very important, so we would rather advice to appeal to professionals to avoid wasting the brilliant concept. In addition, apart from brilliant idea and its realization remains the promotion of the product. Competition is fierce, app users became picky and spoiled.   

Let’s assume you got your first app done, you still have to submit it to Apple store and get it approved. Make sure your application do not concern sex nor religion those topics fall under the Apple’s curatorial restrictions. Take it serious, there is one and only advice, read the guide carefully, do not expect it to be easy and fast. In case of any mistakes or any inappropriate material the app might be rejected and on next attempt it would be put on a review up to 10 days.

However, there is may be another case scenario, say team of developers designed a game based on original idea. The team of creators might seek to get the game signed by a publisher. At first glance it may look like an easy way, but there is certain aspects to be considered. Once the developers have signed the contract with game publisher, they won’t get 100 % revenue from the product sale. Please mind, this is only the percentage score, not real figures.

Going on your own means big challenge with self-publishing and marketing your game. Doing user acquisition and getting your game known is hard to underestimate. There is the risk of losing everything. Beneficial of signing the contract with a publisher means having experienced marketing team on your side. Along with their expertise comes their big pool of users across their network. Obviously game publisher promises the bigger potential of earning more money in a long way run.

Bear in mind, 9 of 10 cases a bigger share will be taken by your publisher. The exact amount varies among publishers and depends on different factors (type of game, its value to their portfolio, its state when you signed up, etc). Collaboration with publishers also means you need to be open to sharing ownership of the game.


By January 2017, there were over 2.2 million apps in the App Store and over 2.5 million in Google Play Store. It is clear that the numbers are increasing each day. To sell iphone app or android app became pretty easy nowadays. In fact, it is not really too easy, if you know what I mean. It is rather unlikely that users one day will shift to your app. Having a strong, innovative idea of the app, unfortunately, is not enough, our strongest recommendation is to have a user acquisition strategy in prior as well.

If you want to earn money app store let your clients know

Let’s assume you already know how to make an app for the app store. But you need to get people to use it, the first one essential step would be prominently featured across your existing site. By the way it is considering the cheapest way of promotion so far.

Social media impact on buying and selling iphone apps

Today’s world is all about social media, nobody can afford ignoring it neither well known brands nor small beginners. There are tow way to get connected to your audience via social – paid and organic.

Organic – promotion on social media comes in the simple form of having a presence; e.g. a Facebook page, and Twitter and Instagram profiles. Create accounts and start following people within your target audience and industry. Say you try to connect with your audience in a meaningful way by posting about the things they care about and joining in on the conversation, instead of spamming. Selling apps on app store is not easy, organic way of getting audience is rather meticulous work for those who do not expect immediate results.   

PaidPutting a bit of money behind your app promotion will boost your discoverability and get more people to your app. Because of their broad audiences and ability to segment, Facebook and Instagram are very effective advertising platforms for mobile apps. And since Facebook owns Instagram, they make it incredibly easy to places app install ads on both. Anyway, mind that paid advertising has its disadvantages, it is still have to be paid. Creating an app and making money recon for a lot of money.

Opinion influencers

Third useful way to promote your app is to appeal to influencers. A piece of advice – make sure the influencer aligns with your app’s target audience, or risk paying for a bunch of new app users who will unlikely use it. You may also use traditional indoor advertising, but i doubt that it would be useful unless you posses the physical store and you want to extend it to make money app store.

One of the major points of building an app is to make it decent and distinguished. We live in the world of mouth. If you know how to make your own app and sell it make sure you also realize how to promote it right.

Apple store score

Well anyone who had ever deal with app promotion can agree that the app’s success directly depend on its visibility.  Application visibility back on visibility score, that indicates your app’s overall discoverability inside the app stores. In other words, how easy is it to find your app. Google’s algorithm search already get too sophisticated,  talking about Apple store search on our opinion there are three important parameters used to calculate your score:

  • Keyword performance;
  • Category ranking performance;
  • Review/rating performance.

Based on listed above parameters, every app gets its score from 0 to 100, where 100 is the most visible apps in that country. Please, note that the score varies from country to country.  A higher visibility score will get more audience on your app’s page and significantly increase your app’s organic downloads.

High ranking app what is the clue?

It’s no secret that the “top” lists in the App store are the linchpin of discovery, and getting a spot in one of the coveted “Paid”, “Free” or “Grossing Apps” list is a serious boon to any new application. Let’s face it there is no new app just strolls into a place in the top charts however, there exist several hints to improve the discoverability of your app.

Start with basics: Keywords, Description and Titles

Not a news that the App store relies entirely on keywords, the App Name, the publisher name and keywords found associated with the product. Top App Store Optimizers claim that you’ll need about 2,000 keywords and key phrases per language so get it done! Seriously.

Visual elements, make it work

Your icon, like any good logo, should be striking, appealing and memorable, eye catching visual elements on your App Store can make or break the discoverability of your app. Do not underestimate the effect of visual marketing, it’s the first thing anybody searching for your App will see.

Categorize it right

Make sure you you have entered your app under the right category, choose one that best represents the strongest features of your application. If it falls under multiple categories, try and think which aspect would be the most appealing to prospective users. Also note that certain categories of apps get a bit more exposure on the App Store than others, with regards to collections and promotions the App store puts together.

Sales and promotions

Do not underestimate the power of sales and promotion. Do what it takes to get to any sales or promo that runs by the App Store it may boost to huge success of your work. The App Store and Google Play Store hold these seasonal promotions frequently and they can often be your best bet for getting discovered, especially around Christmas when new devices are being received as gifts and first time users visit the App store.


To sum up I would advise to prepare different strategies of promoting your app lets call it “A” and “B” plan. App Store is already overhauled overwhelmed with fish apps and the competition is severe. If you looking for effective hints on how to make money selling apps, mind three pillars of sustainable development your project :

  • Brilliant, innovative, new idea
  • Excellent realization either by team of professional developers, nor yourself
  • Right promotion strategy.