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AppConstructor – easy start for business apps

With the increasing number of mobile devices, brands and businesses are considering smartphones and tablet computers as additional platforms for promoting their own products and services. Perhaps earlier the mobile version of the site could become a solution, but today the modern business prefers mobile applications. However, business owners may face a situation where the appeal to developers is beyond a certain budget. The way out of this situation is the designers of mobile applications, such as AppConstructor from the Exelor company.

AppConstructor is an application designer with which you can literally “assemble” applications from different components. The application created via AppConstructor is cross-platform, that is it is completely suitable for work on both iOS and Android, it is correctly displayed on the screens of devices of different sizes.

In fact, anyone can try on the role of a developer, not bothering himself with the study of programming languages. The intuitive interface of the software solution allows you to create content in the shortest time without writing code and attracting developers, and, therefore, large costs for their work. AppConstructor gives the possibility of complete freedom of application formation. The user can create an application that he deems necessary and add new elements to it. Updating of content and functionality takes place online and at any convenient moment the latest version becomes available for use by clients.

The owner of the application can communicate with his clients through push notifications, which he also independently configures, formulates and decides which circle of his users to send them.

Perhaps, you may have a question – how can I place an application on the market after its creation? After all, you need a developer certificate for this. The AppConstructor administrators take the decision on how to interact with the AppStore or PlayMarket. Your application will be signed by AppConstructor certificate, and in the future within the framework of technical support they will help you create your own certificate, taking you to a new level of business and opening up another source of income.

Another advantage of AppConstructor is that you have the opportunity to contact the technical support from Exelor, which includes both the resolution of technical issues and the services of designers and copywriters. This professional team will help you with the creation, design and content content to achieve the maximum productivity of your application.

To make payments, AppConstructor uses the Braintree system – one of the most convenient and reliable systems from PayPal.

The application scope of AppConstructor is truly immense. It can be a restaurant, a cafe, a coffee shop and a bakery, a clothing store, a showroom and a boutique, a pet store and a veterinary clinic, a beauty salon, a nail or brow bar, a barber shop and a spa, a pharmacy and a private clinic, a gym, a fitness center and a sports club, a disco, a bar and a cinema, an art platform and coworking, a service station, a dry cleaning and car wash and many, many other areas of business.

Unlike frequently used instant messengers, where the connection is more one-way, as the message can be lost among others and the information is left unaddressed, AppConstructor supports several dozen functions, such as ordering tables, booking time and services, schedules, product pre-orders, loyalty programs, social networks , photo albums, push notifications, etc. In addition, in AppConstructor, you can create a survey about the quality of services provided or about the introduction of new ones, create a form for receiving feedback and wishes, or otherwise customize feedback from customers.

With AppConstructor, you become closer to your customers. With it, you can develop one application for the iPhone, Android and tablets. The use of mobile applications increases customer loyalty and provides an opportunity to better understand customer desires and needs. AppConstructor software allows you to create applications for business in a matter of minutes and you will not need programming skills, and its affordable price and the availability of a professional technical support team brings AppConstructor to a higher level compared to other similar services.