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Andrew Mazepa – CEO of New Line Technologies – gets interviewed by GoodFirms for the firm’s exceptional services


In a recently conducted survey by GoodFirms, New Line Technologies gets rewarded for its mobile app development services, which reveals how a company that started with 6 people has achieved great heights in 10 years from 2009 – the year of its inception.

The research also digs deep into the services offered by the company and their quality. Even, client responses are taken into consideration.

The firm discussed here is New Line Technologies, a software development company based in Kharkiv. Post research, the CEO of the firm Mr. Andrew Mazepa who also is the co-owner of this IT services provider gets interviewed by the curious researchers at GoodFirms with an aim to unveil the secrets of how a company that took birth as a sapling has turned into a tree with branches at multiple regions in the world including the US, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Ukraine

Introducing his company in the interview, Mr. Andrew mentions their urge to choose their ideal client as startups. Validating the company’s belief, he adds that the reason behind the same is their urge to start from the basic idea and turn that into a product with their huge industry experience with qualitative implementation.

In the interview, the CEO also shares his roles and responsibilities he takes care of at the firm. Getting nostalgic while sharing the idea behind starting the organization, he mentions that working with other firms before building New Line Technologies made him realize the importance of developing a company with honesty and flexibility while preserving the corporate culture. The interview also covers other aspects like the business model created by New Line Technologies, industries they cater and even gets around the major services provided by the company.

The major services provided by New Line Technologies include:

  • Full stack software development
  • Quality Assurance and Support
  • UI/UX design
  • Project Rescue

Adds to this list is mobile app development services offered by the firm. In the renowned interview, the discussion about the app development services gets initiated with the point of selection criteria of an apt platform for mobile development. Answering it brilliantly, the CEO mentions that they initially look upon the complexity of the task before choosing the platform or at least a hybrid or a native app.

Having said that, he adds that they guide their clients on which platform to choose and why when their clients begin with their projects. This leaves no doubt as to why researchers at GoodFirms have credited the firm New Line Technologies with a prestigious position among the top mobile app developers in Georgia. The research by GoodFirms shows exceptional performance by the company as depicted in the scorecard below.


top mobile app developers

Alongside, client reviews like this add to its brand name:


Along with a grand recognition among the mobile app developers, New Line Technologies is also up for setting a mark among the top software developers at GoodFirms with its over-the-top software development services. It provides full-stack software development services with the help of the latest technologies like .NET, Java, Node.js, React, Angular, Swift, Objective C, Kotlin, and Dart/Flutter. Their team of specialists drives clients to bring out the optimum solutions with creative outputs.

As you realize, the interview is waiting to be read. To know more about the firm – New Line Technologies and their approach towards excellence, have a quick read of the full Interview of GoodFirms with Mr. Andrew Mazepa.

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