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All-The-Gaps-Filling “App Development & Marketing checklist”

All-The-Gaps-Filling “App Development & Marketing checklist”

The closer you get to the app marketing trends, the deeper down the rabbit hole it seems to be. Wanna get a dose of “that same rules that will make your app successful”? Uhm… Well…

Check this out.

1. Start from the beginning

Confirm the need
Ensure that you have a targeted audience and that you have reasonable chances to reach it.

Understand your users
Know what your users need, develop things that you completely understand.

Know your neighbors
Check your potential competitors, search for gaps in their apps and decide how exactly your app will bring users attention and retention. It’s a good idea to run searches for ‘crash’ or ‘bugs’ across competitor reviews to see where users might be experiencing specific usability issues.

Unite your app team
Make your team understand what you all are doing, so you can spend more time developing than explaining.

Define your own Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats to know da wae.Image result for know da wae emoji

2. Bringing your product strategy to life

Choose your technology stack
Find the most suitable set of tools for your team so it will be your main power. If you want analytics within the app, care about it at first so you be able to track all you need (or at least what you think you need) at any stage..

Predefine testing and marketing a mobile app
Read any market guide for Rapid Mobile App Development tools and it will tell you that now is the best time for targeting multiple platforms. Also, don’t forget about connecting to your audience to ask what they like/don’t.

Allocate resources & budget
Estimate your workload so you are sure that you have enough time and money.

3. Achieving Growth

Be obsessed with UX
Test your app UX on each stage of development so you know all the right and wrong turns of features development.

Track the right metrics
Follow your aim by sticking to metrics-related aims so you be able to know grows and failures.

4. Creating long-term love

Learn from feedback
Study your app life.

Plan your future features
Prioritize between what you WANT and what users NEED. Setting the wrong priorities is one of the biggest causes of app development fails.

Reward User Loyalty
Benefit wanted actions to grow an active audience.


Look, nobody likes phrases like “follow this guideline and you will grow your revenue x666 in 6 months”, but you can be sure that the number of steps you ticked divided by 13 (total number) is the chance for your app to pay for itself.

Have fun.