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5 technological breakthroughs that will happen after 2020

5 technological breakthroughs that will happen after 2020

Progress does not stand still. Everyday, technology changes significantly. We cannot even imagine how close the future is to us. We selected the 5 most significant events in our opinion that will occur after 2020.

The first robot pharmacist will appear in the USA by 2021

Already, robots are actively used in manufacturing, but as technology improves, they will penetrate into all new service-oriented areas.

Professionals predict that by 2021 the first robot pharmacist will start working in the USA.

Clothing 10% of the world’s population will be connected to the Internet by 2022

Cars, household appliances and other objects familiar to us are increasingly becoming part of the global network. And very soon, even our clothes will be connected to the Internet. Experts predict that by 2022, 10% of the world’s inhabitants will wear clothes with embedded chips that can communicate with the Internet.

Taking into account that more and more accessories – including watches and rings – get such a function, it does not seem so unlikely.

For the first time, the government will collect taxes using the blockchain in 2023

For carrying out transactions in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, a mechanism called blockchain is used. In essence, the blockchain is a general distributed registry that is accessible to all users and at the same time lacks a single control authority. System users are constantly updating it to keep track of ongoing transactions.

However, the blockchain technology itself is applicable not only to the work of Bitcoin. Some suggest using technology for public databases, for example, to control ownership of land and other material resources. A recent article in The Economist published an article that NASDAQ plans to use a blockchain to monitor the operations of securities of private companies.

It is expected that a breakthrough in the field of blockchain technologies will happen in the next few years, and by 2023, state taxes will be collected for the first time using this technology.

The first implantable mobile phone will hit the market in 2025

Already in 2023, the phrase “tied to your phone” can sound in a completely new way.

Approximately 80% of respondents said that in the next seven years, the first implantable mobile phone will enter the market. It is expected that such a device will be able to more accurately track the state of health of the owner, as well as allow subscribers to communicate using brain or radio signals instead of verbal means, the report says.

Implantable medical devices, such as pacemakers and hearing aids, have become familiar to us. And, it seems, until 2025 we will witness an ever-increasing spread of implantable technologies.

By 2026, every tenth car in the United States will be unmanned

Autonomous vehicles in the future can significantly increase the level of security, reduce the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere and change our approach to transportation.

Technology companies, such as Google and Uber, as well as traditional automakers, such as Toyota, General Motors and Volkswagen, are already working on the creation of unmanned vehicles. It is expected that by 2026, 10% of all cars in the United States will be autonomous.