Middle DevOps Engineer

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New Line Technologies is looking for a Middle Devops Engineer who will become part of a friendly team working on a project mobile banking.



Functions / activities:

  • Maintaining Kuva systems in operational state and within SLO
  • Provision new servers & VMs, reconfigure existing ones as needed
  • Maintaining and developing our CI/CD setup
  • Maintain monitoring, logs and telemetry data collection
  • Create new / update existing Grafana dashboards as needed
  • Maintain and improve infrastructure provisioning tools / scripts


Core / Must have:

  • Proficient with Linux (CentOS 7.x)
  • Some working knowledge of FreeBSD / pfSense
  • Working knowledge of VMWare vShere Hypervisor (6.x)
  • Working knowledge of Ansible
  • At least some experience of working with and tuning / administering ElasticSearch 7.x
  • A working knowledge of GitLab ci/cd
  • At least some experience in software development (.net core / C#, Node.js)
  • Working proficiency with Docker and Docker Swarm
  • Some experience and knowledge of: PostgreSQL, MondoDB, SQL Server, nginx


Extra / Nice to have:

  • Some familiarity with Terraform and Vault
  • Some experience with AWS
  • Being able to organize cross-site connectivity and hybrid cloud (a mixture of on-premise /
    dedicated resources & public cloud resources)
  • Experience with OpenLDAP and SSO
  • Container orchestration (K8S)
  • Service mesh


Side notes:

  • “Core / must haves” mostly cover what we actually need right now
  • “Extra / nice to haves” cover what we are likely going to need in the mid-term in addition
    to “core” (i.e. you can read it as our roadmap)

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