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Top-5 devices you’ll want to buy

A modern person has several characteristics: he is constantly connected to the Internet, he is mobile and independent and he is watching his health. He wants to feel equally comfortable both in his house and in other places. For a long time the trend direction is the development of various gadgets and devices, which are designed to organize the maximum mobility of the person and his pleasant surroundings. We bring to your attention five interesting gadgets, which, we are sure, you will immediately want to buy yourself.

Fitness Trackers Mio Slice

Mio Slice is the world’s first tracker, which uses not the number of steps to analyze the user’s activity, but a cardio load. The tests of the device were quite unexpected: during four days of wearing Mio Slice, no PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) was received for two consecutive days. Why? After all, during the day, walking was no less than 20 km. We’ve learned that the more you go – the better our activity tracker estimates. With Mio Slice it’s different.
To help the user assess the level of physical activity for the day, the creators of the tracker introduced a new PAI calculation factor. This indicator is derived from the results of many years of research work by Norwegian specialists, called the HUNT Study. The purpose of the study was to assess the effect of physical exertion on the cardiovascular system and the likelihood of the occurrence of cardiac diseases. The Norwegians were the first to suggest using such a coefficient, arguing that its long-term maintenance by a person above 100 can increase life expectancy by about 10 years.
So Mio Slice does not accrue points to the user – he will have to work. The bracelet is able to do and what all other fitness trackers are capable of: counts the steps taken, calories expended, measures the pulse and tells the user about calendar events, missed calls and sms.

Evapolar personal air-conditioner

This is a small device – a personal desktop conditioner. While you do not test it yourself, the work of the device seems pure magic. Evapolar performs two functions – it cools the air in an area of 3-4 square meters by about 10 C, and at the same time cleans it of dust particles. Plus, this system humidifies the air, because cooling is done with the help of the smallest drops of water.
The air conditioner delicately reduces the temperature by several degrees, doing this gradually, rather than almost instantly, as conventional air conditioners do, knock it down indoors at 10 degrees Celsius and below. The intensity of evaporation, by means of which it is possible to regulate the air temperature, is regulated by the device in automatic mode. Foreign odor, as in the case of cooling by air conditioners (this happens often) is not, in any case, we did not catch anything like that.
How it works? Developers have created evaporating plates made of basalt fibers (they are 1000 times thinner than cellulose fibers). Such material can absorb a large amount of moisture. The plates ensure a uniform and sufficiently intensive moistening of the cooling cartridge, which makes it possible to cool the air in a radius of 2-4 meters.
The technology used in Evapolar is not unique. It is also used in industrial evaporative coolers. But, unlike these large-sized systems, Evapolar creates a zone of personal microclimate in a very small space. This is quite convenient, because in fact you need moist air exactly next to the workplace or resting place. Such a system and electricity consumes much less than air conditioners, so that you can save.

The container, where water is poured, is protected from mold and bacteria, so that the multiplication of harmful microorganisms does not threaten the device. Evapolar operates from an electrical network – there are no batteries in the device. However, due to low power consumption, you can connect the air conditioner to an external battery.
Despite the simplicity of the idea, users like this device very much.

Lighting systems Nanoleaf Aurora

Modular lighting system Nanoleaf Aurora on contemplation can be compared with a fireplace – it can be looked at during the work indefinitely. It is universal: you can use it at home and in the office. Such panels can be placed anywhere, on walls, on a ceiling or any other place. This system is modular because it consists of a series of modules of a triangular shape. From these modules it is possible to form a complex of almost any complexity. Accordingly, you can configure both the entire panel as a whole, and each module individually. You can make Nanoleaf panels change their color when you receive a message, missed a call or other events.
The range of settings is large. Soon, the creators of Nanoleaf promise to add another setting, which will allow you to synchronize the color change and music playback on your phone or tablet.

Cameras Insta360 Nano and Pro

The Insta360 company represents several cameras. The first one is Insta360 Nano. It is a module for smartphones iPhone with a Lightning connector . Connecting it to the phone, the user turns his smartphone into a full spherical camera for shooting 360-degree photos and videos. You can work with the camera and autonomously – for this there is a built-in battery with a capacity of 800 mAh. The battery life is about an hour. All data is written to the built-in microSD drive.
An excellent opportunity is supporting of video broadcast to the network. Broadcasting works only when the camera is connected to the phone via a wireless Wi-Fi network. In general, very cool – from any event you can set up the broadcast, it takes no more than a couple of minutes.
Another camera is Insta360 Pro, which is aimed at professionals, not ordinary users (this is indicated by the estimated price of the device – about $ 3000). So far, only the prototype of the camera, and not the final version, is available for evaluation. But to judge its capabilities is quite possible. So, Insta360 Pro is a circular camera that can shoot video in 8K quality. The camera body is a ball with the lenses placed around the circumference. Each of them is equipped with a diaphragm F / 2.4 for work in low light conditions. When recording in 8K fps is 30, with 4K – 100. Perhaps this is the first panoramic camera capable of shooting video in this capacity.
It is worth noting that Insta360 Pro can broadcast 360-degree video on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter online. The device is equipped with wireless communication modules Wi-Fi and 4G. You can connect the system to the network and using Ethernet.

Search tags

This item will be presented at once by several devices – Chipolo, purse Orbit and tags from Tracker.
Chipolo produces the smallest search tags in the world. Two company products, Sticker and Clip, complemented the existing line of trackers Chipolo Plus (“the loudest tracker in the world”) and Chipolo Classic. Such devices are intended for fastening on objects which the user needs to track (a suitcase, a purse, a telephone, etc.). The tracker communicates with the user’s mobile device. If the phone no longer catches the radio signals of the tag, the user receives a notification indicating the coordinates where the lost item was at the time of the last “communication session”.
Usually the batteries in such devices either need to be replaced after they are discharged, or the whole device needs to be replaced. The Sticker is different: the new Chipolo trackers have batteries, which are enough for about two weeks of work. This is not too much, but the company added a new feature – charging by “air”, technology Energous’ WattUp. This novelty allows the system to be charged without any problems, and the same function distinguishes the device from similar ones.

As for Clip, this is a tracker with a body thickness of only 1.8 mm. It can be easily placed in a purse or even in a passport. A rechargeable battery is not here, instead a non-removable battery is installed, which should be enough for a year of operation of the device.

TrackR showed a new version of the TrackR wallet system. The thickness of this device is only 2 mm, and it is called “wallet” because it easily fits in any purse. And here there is the possibility of replacing the batteries, as in almost any other device from TrackR. The label is equipped with a Bluetooth communication module. The range of the gadget is 30 meters.

HButler Orbit Wallet is a practical wallet, which is equipped with a number of technological innovations. First of all, it has a battery for charging the smartphone. In fact, why not integrate this necessary gadget into the wallet, which is always with you? For a 2500 mAh battery, you can connect both iOS and Android devices with two charging cables.
Another interesting point – the presence of departments for plastic cards with protection from RFID signals. Thanks to the protection, you can not read or duplicate information of documents or cards of the wallet owner.
An additional option is a built-in tracker (radio tag) with Bluetooth support. If the purse is left somewhere, then the branded application installed on the smartphone will show where the purse last was. When you click on the “Find Orbit” button in the application, the wallet starts playing a loud melody.