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Proven Cloud-Based Services in 2018

Proven Cloud-Based Services in 2018

The world does not cease to develop, and among many innovations there are changes in the sphere of calculations and earnings. One of the last such discoveries has become the crypto currency, and although its future is questioned by some critics, this does not prevent the popularity of the crypto currency.

In 2018, a special type of earnings of cryptocurrencies – cloud mining – is gaining momentum. Investments in this type of production can be carried out on various sites, many of which have already proved their reliability.

Investments of this kind are a direct alternative to the usual assembly of farms. In fact, you are investing in the same way in capacity, only these capacities are working for you on the side of the service. The benefit for both parties is that the more a farm – the more profitable it is to keep.

How to Start Cloud Mining in 2018

  1. After selecting the site and registering the account, the client gets access to the private cabinet.
  2. Either for the previously earned digital currency, or for ordinary money, the capacities of the chosen configuration are purchased.
  3. After that, the service immediately begins to mine, and the extracted crypto currency is transferred to the client’s account every day.
  4. When the required amount is accumulated, it is displayed on the crypticot.
  5. Further, through the services of exchange exchanges, the Crypto currency can be exchanged for real money.

The Main Criteria for Selecting a Cloud Mining Site

Among the good sites can be found and unfavorable. Scammers create services that help them collect money from customers in one or two days of “pseudo work”, and immediately evaporate together with this money. Because you need to know the list of reliable services! The most suitable service can be determined by such criteria:

– availability and affordable cost of capacity;

– User-friendly interface;

– Reliability (it is best determined by the reviews of real customers).

Top-10 Proven Services Offering Cloud Mining in 2018

Below is a list of sites that have proven themselves better than others in their work, and continue to work in 2018:

  1. Hashflare. Proven service, offers an income of 200% of the initial price of the contract. The resource owns its equipment, the reviews are only positive.
  2. Genesis Mining. The best service among services with the possibility of everyday payments. Users respond very well about the protection of funds, but due to enhanced security measures, reinvestment of funds is difficult. Also, the negative of the service is the high entry criteria.
  3. Hashing24. Despite the lack of its own capacities, the site confidently holds in all the tops of services offering cloud mining. Of the shortcomings – work exclusively with bitcoins, high entry threshold and low profitability.
  4. Bit Miner. But this service offers a wide variety of currencies. In addition, own ASIC-type power is used.
  5. OxBtc. This site works with ether and bitcoins, often pleases users with all sorts of shares and discount coupons.
  6. Fleex. The main feature of the project is high profitability. On average, the output is 2-3% of the contract price per day.
  7. EOBot. The service is running via software on the user’s computer. Every day there are distributions of Satoshi and other types of crypto currency, but the capacity is expensive and the commission fees are relatively high.
  8. Rapidminers. Very popular service. Works with Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin. Offers daily payments.
  9. Cryptomonitor. Very reliable service. The contract ends only after reaching 200% of the initial deposit.
  10. Micro-BTC. It is distinguished by flexible payment conditions. A unique feature – the data center of the service is broadcast online.

Reviews About Cloud Mining in 2018

On cloud mining in recent times are responding better and better, as compared to physical miners there are much more guarantees and minimal risks.

Of the popular negative reviews: an unstable course of crypto currency and the possibility of equipment failure. In some cases, you may need to buy power for output, but they can also be sold on the relevant exchanges with the same success.