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Overcoming Strategy: 2023 Results for New Line Technologies

The year 2023 proved challenging for Ukraine and the New Line Technologies (NLT) team. The company’s management faced several significant challenges, including declining startup market activity and reduced funding. Additionally, NLT actively sought resources to continue developing its products. In this article, we’ll discuss the challenges and successes the New Line Technologies team encountered in 2023.

Challenges and Prospects:

Key moments of 2023 included the search for strength and resources to support employees, the return of festive holidays, and the exploration of opportunities to develop the company’s internal products.

“I want to emphasize that the management of New Line Technologies is committed to preserving a culture of care for employees!” – Andrew Mazepa (CEO of New Line Technologies).

Andrey also highlights the importance of working with clients and their concerns about the situation in Ukraine.

“This issue has affected most if not all, players in the IT market,” Andrew explains.

Strategic planning, participation in international conferences, and exploring the European market’s technological opportunities alongside Ukraine’s market gradually help address this issue.

“Difficult times allow us to identify weaknesses within the company. And there are two paths: watch as the gap grows, dragging you down, or forget any excuses and fatigue to turn this weakness into an advantage over competitors,” – Sergey Zadrikin (COO of New Line Technologies).

For the first time, the company faced a fraud issue. Scammers used the New Line Technologies brand, deceiving people and making them pay for fake registrations on their platform. Although the fact that someone used the NLT name reflects the brand’s strong reputation, management was deeply concerned that innocent people had become victims of this fraud. Complaints started pouring in on the brand’s social media and email, accompanied by screenshots of conversations with scammers.

NLT management took immediate action! All available information on the matter was gathered, and the company’s leadership sought legal assistance. The outcome: the platform was blocked! Victims of the scammers were notified on social media about the actions taken.

“We remind our community once again – there are no paid platforms under New Line Technologies! We do not charge for registration on any platform. All information about projects, available vacancies, and any updates are published on our social media and official website” – Andrew.

Internal Events and Conferences

In 2023, the NLT team resumed its internal development program aimed at enhancing the skills of its employees. This includes conducting closed workshops for the team, where any participant can share their professional experience, provide recommendations, and answer colleagues’ questions. A workshop on “Artificial Intelligence Tools for Developers” has already been held, and the next one, “Time Management and How to Find Time for It,” is planned.

In addition to team development, in 2023, New Line Technologies participated in the international offline conference “Rebuild Ukraine”.

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The international exhibition and conference REBUILD UKRAINE POWERED BY ENERGY is an offline platform for projects, materials, technologies, equipment, and investments needed to rebuild Ukraine’s war-torn economy, with a focus on infrastructure, industry, energy, and housing.

New Line Technologies participation in the conference included several objectives:

  • Establishing new business partnerships and attracting investments;
  • Exchanging experiences and ideas within the technology community;
  • Listening to speeches by prominent speakers to understand the current market situation;
  • Presenting the company’s internal project “Mobizy” – an innovative solution for small and medium-sized businesses;
  • Revealing the perspectives and opportunities of the “Mobizy” product in the Ukrainian and European markets;
  • Gathering feedback from conference participants and visitors.

“The ‘Mobizy’ project focuses on modern business needs, reflects the company’s strategic orientation, and its readiness to implement innovations and find a balance in the volatile market.” – Eugene Ponomarov (CFO of New Line Technologies).

Awards for 2023

Despite the challenges, the NLT team embraced them as a stimulus for growth and innovation. They received prestigious awards from Clutch:

  • Clutch Business Intelligence App Developers 2023 Award
  • Clutch Financial App Developers 2023 Award
  • Clutch C# Developers 2023 Award
  • Clutch Top Company .Net Developers 2023 Award

This once again confirms the outstanding achievements of NLT management and team in the field of developing innovative applications.

Also, in 2023, New Line Technologies was awarded TOP Partner Of The Year 2023 by Red Jumpers Agency. The Red Jumpers Agency is the largest network of reliable companies in Eastern Europe and Latin America.

New Line Technologies is grateful to Clutch and Red Jumpers Agency for the recognition and years of collaboration!

Plans for 2024

New Line Technologies’ management plans for 2024 include launching their products such as “The Only Link” and “Mobizy”. They aim to explore new investments and partners and seek socially significant projects. The company is strengthening its focus on the European market and aims to increase automation of internal processes using its platform.

“The main focus remains on retaining employees, their continuous development as professionals, and volunteer activities. Thus, the company remains truly committed to its mission, even in a changing business environment,” says Sergey Medintsev (CTO of New Line Technologies).

“We will get better. It’s inevitable. We have a clear understanding of internal growth points and external development paths,” adds Sergey Zadrikin (COO of New Line Technologies).


Despite external factors, NLT confidently moves forward, maintaining its course of sustainable development. The search for resources, volunteer work, and increased focus on the European market are becoming key strategic steps for the company in 2024. The New Line Technologies team continues to build bridges between technology and the community, setting an example of efficient and socially responsible business.

“Now is not the time to get tired!” – Andrew.