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New Line Technologies’s Office

What does it look like – the habitat place of true innovators and IT gurus?

Let’s take a look at the home where the NLT team works, rests, and creates!


NLT is located in the center of Kharkiv.

The NLT office is a separate modern building with its private green territory, parking, and security system so our team doesn’t share working space with others.

There is a beautiful view of the Arkhitectoriv square from the office’s roof. In the spring and summer seasons, you can see how green the square is and in the winter season you can breathe the fresh and frosty air and enjoy the snowy miniatures of the “Seven miracles of Kharkiv”.

There are a lot of coffee shops, supermarkets, drugstores, electronics stores, 2 banks and 6 diners nearby. “McDonald’s” and popular “7-th  warehouse” where you can have Vietnamese, Jewish, and Italian meals are among them.

It is comfortable to get here by bus and trolleybus but the most popular way is underground – fast and no traffic jams! The easiest way to get to the office is by the green branch because the “Arkhitektora Beketova” station is located 5 minutes on foot. “Pushkinskaya” station is also in reach.

We have a private parking lot for the drivers and parking places for bicycles, so there is no need to worry about your vehicle. It is safe and secure!


NLT respects privacy and cares about the safety of employees and information. That is why our office is located in a separate modern building with a secure private territory and not in the business center like most IT companies are used to.

The total square of the office is about 650 m2 which includes 14 cabinets, a spacious 50 m2 lunch zone, and three cozy relaxation zones on every floor 50 m2 each.

There are no open spaces, only cabinets where employees are divided into teams or projects. That’s how e.g., Mobile Team lives on their floor, and the marketing department creates in its own space and community.

The main idea was to create an office which shows the company’s spirit, but at the same time will be comfortable as home. The rooms were divided in such a way, so the employees of the same department could work together, be on the same wave and feel like a team.

The modern office is painted in the company’s colors, so every detail reminds you that you are working in the NLT team!


There are coffee points on each floor where you may get the working mood, discuss the insights, have lunch and enjoy the aromatic coffee.

The kitchen is equipped with modern techniques such as fridges and microwaves. No need to worry about the dishes, the office has everything you need!

There are relaxing places besides working and lunch zones.

Massage chair to get relaxed, TV, Playstation, board games for the team players and air hockey and ping-pong table for the activity.

The contrast shower will help to get back to the working mood, our office has everything you need!

What can be better than making a refinement with your team on the roof on a warm, shiny day with a beautiful city view? Only making a picnic in the yard, frying steaks with friends, or ordering a pizza and playing Alias!

Both you can do at the NLT office.

You can have a coffee break or work with a notebook at the spacy roof terrace with sun umbrella and rattan furniture.

Modern reality requires prophylactic security measures. Healthy body has healthy ideas! We are concerned that all our colleagues will be well and healthy.

All floors have sanitizers and soap dispensers. The room’s space is divided according to the common recommendations.

The house where the NLT community lives is something bigger. It is the inspiring and stimulating atmosphere that everyone is looking for.

NLT is a people that work to change the world!