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How to manage your project with a dedicated team of developers

How to manage your project with a dedicated team of developers

Advanced technology, high mobility and communication capabilities allow you to instantly communicate with anyone at any time. It allows you to use a dedicated team as your main development power.

Does a dedicated development team (as a phenomenon) as good as it written in such articles?

Experience suggests that in many cases endless variations of dedicated teams have the right to exist, but in spite of all the diversity and flexibility, a number of the most common advantages and disadvantages can be in some way identified.

There is no doubt that the most experienced developer from among the project team will better understand the essence of the project than the hired third-party PM. Growing your PMs allows you to improve the quality of management in an evolutionary way, since yesterday’s developer, who saw PM errors on the development side, most likely will not allow the same.

On the other hand, outer PM with his experience may be a good addition to your project because of new experience and new management he tested at other companies. Your local “grown” specialists will barely have such opportunities. Also, if a team “loses” a project, then the best solution may be to involve an outside PM, who, in addition to the main project management functions, will perform a number of anti-crisis measures.

Since the model involves changing the scale and duration of the project, the cost of the project depends on the assigned tasks and the time required for the team to complete them.

Practice shows that a dedicated team is a particularly successful solution for long-term projects with frequently changing requirements. Mostly because the project is ruled by specially appointed experts. This provides maximum flexibility in the scope of work and tasks, as well as in the changes in costs and resources.

By hiring a dedicated development team, you can compensate for the lack of experts needed to implement your great idea, with the best skill set, level of knowledge, and resource base.

The strategic decision on whether you should allocate a development team from an outsourcing company to develop your project is yours, but if you think that:

  1. building long-term relationships with an expert advanced software development service provider
  2. attracting a mature team of skilled and experienced quality developers at the optimum cost
  3. scalable multi-layer project or several projects that are constantly evolving

are things you need, then the dedicated team model is a viable option because you have every chance to work with a flexible team for the same fixed costs.

Will a dedicated team model be useful for your business?

Let’s look at its advantages:

  • High flexibility in planning and requirements managing
  • Transparency in all activities
  • Freedom and scalability of the team
  • Aggregate level of expertise with increased team efficiency
  • In-depth team understanding of project requirements, resulting in increased productivity
  • Transparency in budgeting depending on team performance
  • Full management of the dedicated team and control over the development process
  • Constant communication with the team, leading to a better understanding
  • Stable and fully committed team with an emphasis on your project.
  • Cost optimization
  • A delegation of tasks to experts in certain technologies optimizes the development process and avoids problems with a lack of knowledge

According to a survey from Statistics Brain, statistics show that 44% of Americans choose to outsource software development to reduce costs.
The Harvard Business Review claims that the average dedicated development team improves productivity by 10% and is more likely to stick to the budget. Working on the project, team members learn to trust each other and develop deep knowledge of the subject area, which leads to a decrease in the number of coding errors and improved performance.

This is your last chance. After this there is no turning back. You push the blue button, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You push the red button, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the real project management goes…