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Electric bicycle – another one member in electric traffic family

Electric bicycles with smoothly spinning pedals and deftly avoiding tiring plugs of electromotorcycles have already become familiar details of the landscape of the modern city and a trendy direction in eco-transport. An electric bicycle is a fashionable, modern and convenient means of transportation. Every year their number in the world only grows.

What is an electric bike

An electric bicycle is a bicycle equipped with an electric drive. With this improvement, partial or complete movement of the vehicle is ensured. Unlike a motorcycle or a moped, an electric bike can also move due to the torsion of the pedals, without turning on the motor.
Structurally, the electric bike is similar to the usual one. The same pedals, frame, wheels, steering wheel. However, there are 3 unique additional details – an electric motor, a battery with a charger and a controller. The engine can be placed on the front or rear wheel, above them, and in some cases, both.

Types of electric bicycles

Electric bicycles are basically divided into 2 types:
– assembled in the factory, which is distinguished by a special design of wheels and frames, a characteristic design;
– amateur, i.e. independently assembled on the basis of conventional bicycles, for which the necessary components are installed.
Electric bike batteries can also be of several types – nickel-metal-hybrid, lead-acid, lithium-ion, lithium-iron-phosphate.

Advantages and disadvantages

Now let’s see what an electric bicycle is from a practical point of view. The main advantages of the miracle of technology are:
+ the ability to travel a long distance without serious physical preparation;
+ minimum effort even on long and complex routes;
+ When the battery is discharged to the destination, it is possible to reach “on pedals”;
+ relatively light weight (for a vehicle with an engine);
+ charging of the battery, including from the household electric grid;
+ no need to obtain a driver’s license, registration;
+ practicality;
+ No serious storage problems.
With all the visible advantages of an electric bicycle compared with the usual has its drawbacks:
– more complex in maintenance design;
– high price in comparison with classic budget bikes;
– Long charging;
– short battery life;
– Greater weight;
– Limited opportunities for movement on rough terrain.

The listed pluses and minuses visually demonstrate that an electric bicycle is an excellent option for traveling around the city. Without much difficulty, any person can travel tens of kilometers every day, while avoiding the boring plugs and not polluting the environment. Lightness, comfort, environmental friendliness – all this about the electric bike.