Dedicated development team in Ukraine 🇺🇦

Our dedicated development team service allows you to keep the focus on your main business goals and processes, while New Line Tech boosts your team with dedicated developers.


7+ years of success at

dedicated team services


4-6 weeks

to start a team


5-10 developers

average team size

Dedicated Team: What You Get

1. IT talents’ pool

Our RnD center is based in Kharkiv, the second-largest city and scientific center of Ukraine. We have 120+ experienced in-house developers and access to the base of more than 25,000 specialists and 2000+ IT-talents a year right from universities. It allows us to start a dedicated team in 4-6 weeks, moreover, we can provide dedicated team service in Kyiv (Ukraine), Gdansk (Poland) and Plovdiv (Bulgaria) on the client request.

2. Exceptional infrastructure

We provide modern and roomy office spaces with a creative and inspiring working environment, conference rooms, secured IT and facility management. If you want a deeper immersive experience, we can brand a working space for your dedicated team.

3. Easy and transparent administration

We take care of all contract work, payroll operations, team hiring and setup, employees’ retention, travel management, and logistics. No stress and hassle, stay focused on your business objectives.

4. Total team control

Dedicated team service allows you to manage your team as an in-house one, while we provide you the necessary tools and continued assistance. In other words, you retain total team control while taking advantage of the scalability and reduced administration.

5. Security

The company has its regulation on handling information and data, each employee signs a non-disclosure agreement with both New Line Technologies and the client’s company. The office is equipped with access control, video surveillance, and alarm systems, that provides safety of the data and equipment.

6. Cost transparency

From the very beginning you can calculate the budget of your dedicated team, as we are always transparent in terms of cost formula, discount policies, as well as internship programs.

Dedicated Team Projects developed in Ukraine 🇺🇦

TeacherFileBox - Evan-Moor’s Lesson Library

TeacherFileBox - Evan-Moor’s Lesson Library

Online Donation Platform

Online Donation Platform

Professional Suite of Multimedia Apps

Professional Suite of Multimedia Apps

The Way 360

The Way 360

Kuvacash – making money better

Kuvacash – making money better


1. Identification of needs

At the first stage of work we get acquainted with you, your business and goals, identify the needs and expectations of cooperation. We build hard and soft skills requirements for each team member.

2. Team selection and formation of a team

At this stage, we select candidates according to the specified parameters both in the labor market and our own database of candidates. We carry out the initial selection and organize all the subsequent interviews for you.

3. Team onboarding

After successful selection and team formation, we carry out all the paperwork for official employment and conduct a full onboarding process.

4. Team support and management

We provide developers with all the necessary equipment for comfortable work at the office, taking care of their satisfaction level; grant vacation and sick leave, organize team holidays, and much more. You have nothing to worry about as long as New Line Technologies is responsible for administrative and organizational matters.



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