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Dev Period
Dev Period

4 years


TuneMob is an application that plays music in full synchronization on multiple mobile devices via WiFi or Bluetooth. Works on any iOS device: iPhones, iPads, iPods.

It makes the musical accompaniment of any event more qualitative and voluminous. To do this, just download the app to several devices, arrange them around the perimeter and turn on music on the main phone. The level of synchronization is so high that it seems as if the sound comes from speakers rather than a telephone.



The New Line Technologies team had faced a challenge to create such an MVP playing one track on two different devices simultaneously. During the work, the initial idea of ​​the application changed, and the product itself went through several iterations before the final, fifth version appeared.

Key challenges set and promptly solved during the work:

  • Provide a simultaneous synchronous playback of high-quality sound on several devices.
  • Make the main device a translator, and the rest – receivers, turning the playback process into streaming.
  • Provide the application with reliable technical support that would facilitate the capture of new TuneMob users.


Our specialists have developed an application providing full synchronization of multiple devices. At the time of its creation, TuneMob had no analogues on the market, therefore we developed our own algorithm from scratch. Our synchronization technology is patented in the USA and Europe.

All devices have a peer-to-peer connection, without a common access point, which adds functionality to the application itself.



TuneMob simplifies listening to music in a large company by synchronizing it on more than 5 devices. The developed TuneMob technology has found its further application in the implementation of more ambitious and profitable projects for the client.

Tools and Technologies

  • #OpenAL
  • #CoreAudio
  • #MultipeerConnectivity
  • #FaceBook SDK


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