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Real-Time Multimedia


3 people

Dev Period
Dev Period

1.5 years


The Way is an application that gives an entirely new insight into high-quality photography and video. Objects look so naturalistic that you feel immersed in a 360-format captured space, being part of these vivid memories and plots.


The developers had to create not just a 360-degree viewer, but a simple and easy-to-use application with convenient visual, voice activation, without manual configuration.

In addition, future application should:

  • Become a universal solution for viewing and visualizing interiors, real estate, and art objects.
  • Provide a comfortable spatial orientation.
  • Simplify interaction between the user and client through visual presentation of projects.

One of the difficulties the New Line Technologies team had faced with was to create touchless control of the application. It turned to be a real challenge because we strove to offer a touch-generation a brand new interaction experience with this type of applications.

Applying our knowledge and experience in the design was not enough to achieve this goal. It required a deeper approach, so we conducted research and analyzed:

  • What users lack in interaction with similar applications available on the market.
  • How people interact with visual components on the screen.
  • Possible analogs of touch in a touchless technology context.

It was of critical importance to avoid all possible mistouches in the design caused by literally minimal deviation of gaze having no impact on activation of the components. On the one hand, there was a need to make the elements large enough so that they could be focused, on the other, it was necessary to make them small enough so that a maximum of components could fit on the screen. This was not just a challenge, but a new experience for us.


Client’s intent was to create something special that would turn people’s perception of how memories can be stored and how far the 360-degree format can be functional. And we did it.

The Way is:

  • The real scale of objects.
  • Visual and voice control of the content – just focus on an object.
  • The app allows share your 360 content to other users, which simplifies access to the discussed material for all participants of the meeting.


The application provides users with a qualitative interaction experience with 360 content. This is suited not only for entertainment but even more to solving business issues. For example, give your clients a visual presentation of the designed objects, apply the 360 technology in working with students to learn practical experience, use visualization of objects in museums, exhibitions, etc.

We have tried to create such an application that would make the users more productive, and their life – brighter.

Tools and Technologies

  • #VR
  • #Swift
  • #SceneKit
  • #CoreMotion
  • #RxSwift
  • #JSON


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