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Dev Period

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About Evan-Moor

Evan-Moor Educational Publishers has been “Helping Children Learn” since 1979, by publishing high-quality resource materials for both teachers and parents in a wide variety of curriculum areas for grades PreK-8. Every title is written, edited, and classroom-tested by professional educators for appropriate content and practicality.

Evan-Moor materials are written and edited by educators and are aligned with current standards and best educational practices. We offer 400+ titles covering the entire elementary school curriculum, including reading, writing, arts & crafts, science, math, social studies, and literature resources to be used at school and home throughout the year and during summer break. Additional learning resources from Evan-Moor include curricular centers designed for group learning, dual-language materials for English and Spanish two-way immersion programs, and interactive products that link curriculum to technology.

About project

TeacherFileBox is a tool designed to help teachers plan their lessons: schedule, attach/add additional materials, make their own notes, use the online office with the possibility of printing and virtual projection. With Evan Moor educational materials and TeacherFileBox, each teacher can create their own individual educational program for children that will meet the requirements and standards of the United States in the field of education.


  • digitization of Evan Moor Educational Publishers prints and the creation of an electronic database of educational materials from more than 70 thousand lessons;
    grouping of digitized material by topic;
  • easy and quick search for materials by multiple criteria;
  • creation of a description for educational materials;
  • binding of materials to the calendar of national holidays;
  • class (offline) and online learning, quick linguistic search;
  • creation of an online office with an editable library of interactive components;
  • transfer of content to an interactive digital view with reference to a specific topic/lesson;
  • content access control according to license. Access must be provided only to the licensed materials;
  • compliance with the state standard LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability).


  • a digitized educational database has been created;
  • an educational material tagging core has been developed;
  • Elasticsearch has been integrated for quick search of training materials by keywords, tags, units, the USA education standards, as well as by other criteria;
  • a lesson planning system has been created with a virtual calendar for a teacher with notes and an alert system;
  • cross-curricular teaching units: creation of a unique combined lesson thanks to various tags and metadata;
  • an online editor’s office has been created for the infrastructure management;
  • creation of an agile access control system with plug-ins to support various types of licenses;
  • a full-fledged LMS has been built with the ability to control access to the system both for regional educational departments and schools;
  • the system has been fully adapted to LTI 1.3 and LTI Advanced.


Evan-Moor Educational Publisher is the first publisher to develop this level of product and adapt its educational materials to the “non-paper work” standards. And the microservice by New Line Technologies allows horizontally scaling the system if necessary.

At the time of its release, TeacherFileBox had no analogs existing in the American market and was awarded the Learning Magazine Teachers ’Choice Award.

Client's feedback

“I’ve worked with Andrew and his team of incredible developers, designers, and project managers for 10 years. This partnership has not only yielded a prolific amount of products and services, but it has helped to propel our business into the future. Together we have developed over 100 interactive learning materials, shopping carts, administration tools, a learning management system, learning object databases, and various back-end services. Due to our longstanding relationship, we have had to port over older code bases to newer ones as the landscape evolved - moving from flash/flex to html5 and react.js; .NET to .NET Core and database redesigns and web service updates. Through all these changes, NLT has been conscientious about industry standard workflow and implementation, yet passionate about seeking out more and more innovative solutions to address the vision of our future as a company. If you’re looking for a team that will carry you through, not only current projects but well into the future, New Line Technologies is the partner for you!“
Keli Winters
Director of Technology Product Development

Tools and Technologies

  • #.Net Framework
  • C#
  • #Entity Framework
  • #MS SQL Server
  • #BackBone.js
  • #HTML5
  • #CSS3
  • #Elasticsearch


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