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Dev Period

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Student Tracker is a system for recording educational activities for each school, suggesting accounting for learning outcomes for each student.

The customer addressed to New Line Technologies with the task of structuring and upgrading an already existing database (a prototype of the future system).


  • Implement the data collection, storage, and correct output algorithm from scratch.
  • Organize data sampling to generate detailed reports and analytics.
  • Implement additional services in the form of multiple users simultaneous access, unique encrypted URL, the ability to make attachments to reports.


  • Database design has been implemented (method of storage, sample selection, information retrieval in the required format).
  • The ability to download reports in various formats, as well as the principle of collecting and outputting Data wall analytics, have been implemented (classification of students based on their academic performance, important data is calculated automatically).
  • Additional services have been implemented, such as auto calculating test scores and enhanced report features, enabled multiple users simultaneous access, implemented unique encrypted URL for each school.
  • An option to make attachments to the reports and send information via email has been added.

We have built the project using agile methodology from scratch, using old technologies as the basis for its prototype. After the project handover, we were providing technical support for some time (with service updates and reports on the work done).


We finally have got a secure, user-friendly, functional complete tracking solution for schools, able to make a prediction on students’ incomes using data. Student Tracker is serving the needs of teachers and schools being accessible from home. It is hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform, access to the system is password protected.

Tools and Technologies

  • #.NET Framework 4.5
  • #MVC 5
  • #Entity Framework 6
  • #Bootstrap
  • #Javascript
  • #jQuery
  • #MsSQL
  • #Azure Cloud services


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