Resource Management System (RMS)




3 developers

Dev Period
Dev Period

3 months


RMS is a task tracking system. It provides information about the overall workload, projects an individual specialist is working on and when he or she will complete it to proceed to other tasks. The idea of the project arose from the need to streamline tasks, optimize workflow and company revenues.


  • Solve the problem of understanding the resource workload.
  • Develop a timer-free tracking system with a minimum set of functionality, where any user, by virtue of his rights in the system, could record working hours per day or per project/task. 
  • Implement the gradation of users by type, level of access to the system, visibility scope, with the option of vacation, sick leave, and incomplete workload notifications.
  • Perform the ability to generate reports in different formats and according to the specified filters.
  • Provide users with a convenient format for data output ad analysis.
  • Deliver clear record keeping of working time for each employee. 


  • System data can be used to predict the time a specific specialist will complete the task, mark projects as billable/not billable, etc.
  • The system is customized, flexible, end extendible in functionality at the request of the client.
  • We implemented the ability to generate invoices, reports in different formats – PDF, CSV – and in accordance with the specified filters: by client, project, tasks, with the right of access only for individual users or all, etc.
  • Data is displayed in a convenient format – as a chart, which shows the current activities of each employee, their vacation schedule, and other details that allow optimizing work processes at the level of the entire company and individual teams.
  • A summary table is available showing how employees keep track of working hours (who is busy 8 working hours per day, and who is not); data can be viewed for any period. 
  • A web and mobile version of the system has been created.


RMS is more than a tracking system that keeps control of working time. It is a full-fledged, multi-functional Resource Management System, which gives you an insight into the workload of each specialist, the number of projects each employee works on and their level of difficulty, when the project is about to end and allows planning further tasks taking into account the data. 

The application of the system promotes effective communication of PM with customers and within the team, and allows optimizing company costs and workflow.

Tools and Technologies

  • #Java 8
  • #Spring Framework
  • #Spring Data JPA
  • #Spring Security
  • #Spring MVC
  • #PostgreSQL
  • #Gradle
  • #Docker
  • #React
  • #Redux
  • #HTML5
  • #CSS3
  • #Bootstrap


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