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Dev Period

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Outfit is a next-generation platform for searching and hiring personnel for various events. The project is designed for finding qualified and experienced personnel that will make any event top-class. It provides a fast, simple, secure and affordable (with minimal commission) method of selecting and hiring the necessary staff with no need to seek help from third-party agencies.

The service divides personnel into three main categories: Bartenders (Bartenders for bar services), Servers (Servers for food and drink service) and hostess and check-in staff (Personalities for a front of house services such as hosting, check-in, and brand ambassador roles).


A key priority for Outfit is safety and cost transparency. Therefore, the main challenge was to integrate various payment options and ensure the security of payments. In addition, processes were organized to guarantee payments to hired workers in accordance with the actual time taken.

  • Stripe integration as the most demanded and modern payment system;
  • Recalculation of payments for hired workers in the event of any changes in either the event or its duration;
  • High level of payment authorization security;
  • Each customer is provided with an invoice for each hired worker;
  • Checking for the required work permit for US residents and non-residents;
  • Banned staff tracking program;
  • Rating of employers and employees;
  • Search for leaders among employees for better organization and selection of personnel for events;
  • Fixation of cash to pay staff on the Outfit account and their automatic allocation to the accounts of hired workers at the end of the event.


Thanks to Outfit for avoiding the need for a third-party intermediary such as an agency, searching and hiring personnel becomes approximately 30% cheaper than hiring with the help of traditional recruitment agencies. Staff payment is fixed, Outfit adds another 16% for mediation services, which are recorded in a separate item in the customer’s account.

In addition, the service saves time for both the client and staff, as the customer immediately specifies the necessary conditions of employment (time, place, dress-code) in the relevant search request, and does not spend time on checking for work permits for candidates.

  • Convenient separate Outfit profiles for the customer, employee and Outfit administration;
  • The customer has the opportunity to contact those employees who have already made successful cooperation;
  • Rating of the best employees based on customer feedback;
  • Organization of an objective and guaranteed payment to the staff in accordance with the actual time taken against an invoice


Saving time and money of event holders due to direct communication without intermediaries, such as recruitment agencies, Outfit automatic checking for work permits for employees and their rating to ensure the best match of requirements and staff.

Saving time, guarantee for payment to personnel thanks to Outfit automatic accounting of time spent for an event, and automatic distribution of the customer’s money against current invoices.

Client's feedback

“They’re smart and reliable. I appreciate their openness and willingness to work with us when we’ve had challenges with the product. They’re very collaborative and they’ll help us generate ideas to keep us moving forward. It doesn’t feel like they’re an outside contractor."
CEO, Outfit Staffing Platform

Tools and Technologies

  • #PHP Laravel
  • #MySQL
  • #Angular 5
  • #Stripe
  • #Bootstrap 3
  • #Gulp


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