Money-lending Platform




2 people

Dev Period
Dev Period

1.5 years (ongoing)


The platform provides individuals (Western Europe) with the opportunity for microloans. The user can specify a loan and its period using filters, and the system will automatically select one of the available loan packages.


The client addressed to us with a working platform and the challenge to make the product independent of one of the third-party services, optimize it and add functionality. New Line Technologies team faced the next key challenges:

  • Puzzle out the new product domain;
  • Explore the project’s internal architecture.
  • Implement the logic developed by the customer within the current core of the system, with the preservation of data and existing functions;
  • Fix bugs and shortcomings in the existing system;
  • Refine the incompletely implemented functionality (for instance, some of the data displayed on the UI was static).

The most difficult part is to deal with the already built architecture of a multi-level project and get immersed in the product domain.


  • We eliminated dependence on third-party service and implemented similar functionality developed according to the customer’s business requirements.
  • We upgraded and configured a set of integrations with other third-party services.
  • We improved the test environment for the customer.
  • We modified and tested the functionality for working in multitenant mode.


New Line Technologies team presented the client with a functioning system instead of a non-working one, and now he can successfully work using an appropriate business model. Money-lending platform is now:

  • scalable;
  • high-performance; 
  • flexible; 
  • cloud-based; 
  • white label with multitenant architecture.

Now we provide technical support to the project and plan to optimize the design and UX/UI. An additional task the team is currently working on is preparing the Technical Documentation User Guides for the system.

Tools and Technologies

  • #Microsoft Service Bus

  • #Azure Cloud services

  • #Azure App services

  • #ASP.NET

  • #C#

  • #React JS

  • #MSSQL


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