Machinery Delivery Service




24 people

Dev Period
Dev Period

6+ months


A service for directly ordering construction equipment in Canada with a flexible trading and planning system. It brings together the owners of heavy equipment and potential customers in search of construction equipment. To find the equipment available in the selected area just set clear parameters (type of equipment, type of construction works, date and time of rent) and discuss the details with the owner.


The customer had a clear technical task (idea, development in terms of approaches, algorithms, the sequence of work stages, and flow) and certain deadlines. 

We faced the following challenges: 

    1. Develop a unique freight traffic solution.
    2. To develop from scratch a search and rental system for construction equipment helping to plan your site activities and flexibly select the necessary resources for the performance of work and transportation:
      • for the equipment owners – mobile app;
      • for customers – service web-interface.
    3. Work out the payment scheme and bind the best option of the payment system.
    4. Implement a rating system for customers. 
    5. Connect technical support options for users. 


The New Line Technologies specialists took lead on the project: 

    • worked out and implemented the system architecture; 
    • developed and launched a mobile application;
    • developed the multilingual application and web-interface and filled them with customer’s texts;
    • implemented the Stripe-based payment system; 
    • implemented a customer ranking system;
    • implemented chat rooms and technical support for users (Zendesk);
    • set up and connected monitoring tools.


In a short time, we designed and developed a unique turnkey product that is qualitatively different from and more functional than its counterparts on the market.

Using bulk-transport broker service is as easy as “Search – Book – Pay”:

  • The largest virtual fleet of bulk transport in the industry. Users can select what they are looking for and get the list of available options in their area.
  • Possibility to book as many trucks as needed to get the job done.
  • Chance to stop chasing after missing invoices and past due dates. The service provided bulk-transport booking allows to painlessly receive invoices, track status and send payments. It’s all automated.

Tools and Technologies

  • #C#
  • #.Net
  • #WebApi
  • #Entity Framework
  • #Xamarin
  • #Rest API
  • #Google maps API
  • #Refit
  • #Azure
  • #React/Redux
  • #SignalR
  • #Stripe
  • #Firebase
  • #Google Analytics
  • #Zendesk


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