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Dev Period

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This is an automated system for intelligent selection of employees and companies. It supports the complete recruitment cycle – from the selection of candidates to interviews with the subsequent evaluation of the event. This is a tool designed to optimize the work of recruiters.


The customer addressed to us his idea that was further expanded, supplemented, and optimized during the work on the project. 

New Line Technologies faced the following challenges: 

  • Carry out market analysis and perform the role of business analyst through setting the business goals of the project;
  • Create a unified solution for both HR departments and candidates – a system to search for candidates and vacancies in the US labor market;
  • Maximum automation of the HR task addressing;
  • Provide an option to create back offices for each registered user;
  • Apply modern technologies in the project to create a matching-based smart system.


  • Web-interface and database from scratch.
  • Full workflow. The system provides an option to register a company, a recruiter, an interviewer; the whole process – from searching for and finding a candidate in accordance with the requirements specified in the vacancy to interviewing the applicant – is tracked.  
  • Back office. It is possible to create a back office for each user: company, recruiter, applicant. 
  • Matching. It is based on the idea of matching – compliance of a vacancy to a CV and vice versa. 
  • Text analysis. The system uses IBM Watson-based Behavioral text analysis, which, based on the results of data analysis, provides personalized recommendations to system users.


The New Line Technologies team managed to develop a tool from scratch that allows its users to find the right people and match by requirements and provides a full workflow for the company.

This is a unique solution: it can not only select employees flexibly, but also analyze a huge amount of relevant data in a short time. At the same time, all the functionality is automated, expandable, and adaptable to any business task of the customer.

Tools and Technologies

  • #Java 8
  • #Spring Boot
  • #Spring Security
  • #REST
  • #JSON
  • #PostgreSQL
  • #Tomcat 8
  • #Angular 4
  • #Gradle
  • #React
  • #Redux


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