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Dev Period
Dev Period

3 months 


The Doctors’ Accounts Services system provides automation of administrative tasks (paperwork, calculation of insurance payments, patient record) for doctors engaged in private practice in Australia.


The client has assigned New Line Technologies a task: to create a tool for automating bureaucratic procedures in the Australian medical system, convenient for:

  • accounting of services and patients;
  • calculation of insurance payments in accordance with Australian law.

The essence of the project is to simplify the interaction of doctors/business owners in the field of medical services with their clients and insurance companies. To do this, Doctors’ Accounts Services contains a list of medical services relevant to Australia, a database of doctors, clients and functionality to calculate the cost of each procedure from the insurance company for a particular doctor.

Prior to Doctors’ Accounts Services, the client already had a desktop version of such a system with limited user access. But the client’s idea was to bring it to a new level and transfer the old functionality to a new platform – its automated web version with an intuitive interface.


The point of interest of this project was that we had to understand how the Australian healthcare system works and how the local hierarchy of medical services is built, and then integrate all this information into the system.

In accordance with the client’s request and the overall project strategy, our specialists developed an organized, intelligible database and a simple interface.

Due to Doctors’ Accounts Services:

  • doctors can delegate elements of business to the system, freeing up their managerial resources;
  • the clients can expand their business through attracting to the resource an increasing number of practicing doctors who need to automate part of their routine work.


Doctors’ Accounts Services is a widely available system with the upgraded interaction process for greater convenience and optimized time of its users.

Tools and Technologies

  • #NodeJS
  • #ExpressJS
  • #SASS
  • #Angular
  • #PostgreSQL


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