Digital Assets Market Surveillance Platform




10 people

Dev Period
Dev Period

1 year (ongoing)


The project provides market control and compliance infrastructure tailored for digital assets using a crypto-native approach with machine learning. Company’s product helps digital asset firms detect, investigate and report market manipulation in digital asset trading successfully, reducing costs, minimizing false positives and lowering regulatory risks.


The New Line Technologies team has set about work on the front-end part, gradually embracing it, including database and back-end direction. The initial task of the client was to submit data from the database on web pages. During the work, the initial requirements were expanded, which made the project even more ambitious and interesting. The goal of functional development is quality data provision.

The project is constantly evolving, thus, all processes and challenges are highly modifiable. The grown team is focused on creating unique analytics tools while giving the opportunity to present the product to new end-users at any time. On the one hand, it has become a challenge for the team, and on the other – an opportunity for self-development and professional growth of specialists.


Today, the New Line Technologies team has developed a ready front-end interface for the visual representation of data. This includes:

  • dynamics tracking tools;
  • management tools;
  • segments of analytical data with multiple levels of detail;
  • user notifications and other additional features and functionality. 

The back-end tasks are aimed at JAVA-based data normalization and processing.

During our work, on the basis of our expertise, we bring ideas and offer more user-friendly functions. Due to the flexible project requirements, the new changes affected the previous ones, and there was a need to change the architecture of both the front end of the application and the database architecture. Also, we constantly monitor and improve the interaction of front end and back end parts of the project, optimize development planning processes and team interaction with the client.


The New Line Technologies team has dived in a modern, high-tech project that helps bridge traditional finance and finance 2.0. Starting with small tasks and gradually scaling them, we helped the customer to extend the functionality of the project and its convenience for the user. Work with the project continues and our team continues growing, facing more new tasks and requirements, as well as new challenges and opportunities.

Tools and Technologies

  • #Java 11
  • #Spring framework
  • #Hibernate
  • #Flyway
  • #Kafka
  • #Quartz
  • #PostgreSQL
  • #Redis
  • #Maven
  • #JavaScript
  • #TypeScript
  • #Angular
  • #HTML5
  • #SASS
  • #Webpack


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